Didn’t get NFL tickets for the game in Munich? This is the best alternative

According to Ticketmaster, the NFL could have sold over 3 million tickets for the Germany game Tickets are currently available at exorbitant prices on relevant platforms With ELF and an NFL trip, there are two good alternatives for football fans On Tuesday at ten, the NFL dream of playing in Munich burst for many fans. … Read more

NFL game in Munich: How to get the remaining tickets

NFL game 2022: How to still get the remaining tickets NFL Germany and DKB are offering remaining tickets until the fall ran.de sports editors attract NFL fans for internships After the VIP tickets and VIP packages sold out in two minutes in mid-June, many NFL fans also looked down the drain when tickets went on … Read more

NFL match in Munich: very busy with tickets expected – Munich

First of all: getting tickets for this match will probably be even harder than for FC Bayern’s home matches. When the National Football League (NFL) announced on Wednesday night that Munich would be the first city on the European continent to host a league match, it spontaneously provoked an internet traffic jam. You could only … Read more

FC Bayern: Fans celebrate Niklas Süle goodbye

From 11:46 | Reading time: 2 minutes Niklas Süle played against VfB Stuttgart for the last time in front of a home crowd in a FC Bayern shirt. After the match, there was a special scene on the fan block. The future Dortmunder Süle reacted quickly. fThere was a lot of ridicule for the mood … Read more

Müller-Wohlfahrt: “If you become sluggish and lazy in old age, this development increases.”

lu Pleuue. Bl peeelekuel Plleeu nup Plekte etp tepeupaetokltlek nup peal, Plleeu pel aetokltlekel etp Benekeu. Pnp Blteklnua Oll Oelueu Belleuleu heuu lek peplollaeu, pepp ep lu Uelplupnua Oll PeveanuapOeuaet telete Butaeu kepeu heuu. Zeu ueuul ep Pllllua Blpeepe, ple Gleuhkell ​​pep Plleeup – elue pel aloQleu Pepluknuaeu pel Vetlaepnupkell. also read Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt VBUI … Read more

NFL: Games in Germany – Tampa Bay Buccaneers host Seattle Seahawks in Munich

Now it’s official! The first game in the NFL on German soil will be played between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. In addition, the NFL announced the exact date and the other pairings of the NFL International Games 2022. German football fans can mark November 13, 2022 with red in their calendars, … Read more