Neunkirchen loses the Aufsitegsspiel against Doggenburg

23 August 2022 at 15.19 tennis : In the end, tears flowed at TuS Neunkirchen Neunkirchen’s captain Sarah Blum made short work of her opponent Maja Vuzem. But it was not enough. After the championship in the Oberliga, the TuS women lost the promotion match against Doggenburg with 3:6. Photo: Steven Mohr/SSN Neunkirchen The tennis … Read more

Shared pastime and good publicity – St. The Blaze

36 children and young people participate in the joint summer camp for the four sports clubs in St. Blasien and also takes the sports sign exams. . 36 children is a record, say Gerhard Kappenberger and Florian Girgis from the summer camp’s organizational team. Because the demand was so great, the clubs involved have expanded … Read more