Even more chaotic from tomorrow? Which Corona rules should apply to you

What rules apply now? Many Germans are currently asking themselves this question. For in fact, from April 2, all Corona rules should be abolished. The so-called “basic protection” should then replace the mask requirement, access restrictions and other measures in public life. But the first federal states withdraw. The dealer can pay commission for links … Read more

Mega yacht “Solandge” must leave the port of Hamburg | NDR.de – News

Status: 04/05/2022 12:47 The mega yacht “Solandge” has been in the port of Hamburg for more than five months. According to information from NDR 90.3, she can now leave him again. There is probably no connection to a Russian oligarch. The 80 meter long yacht has been in the Blohm + Voss yard for inspection … Read more

Best FAZ Articles of the Week

DUkraine needs weapons to survive. But some in the West are hesitant. Are we heading for a catastrophe like the 1914 sleepwalkers? Or are we repeating the mistakes the Allies made in 1939? Konrad Schuller, political correspondent for our Sunday newspaper in Berlin, addressed this issue. There is a lot of talk about World War … Read more

Corona pandemic: what will happen to the malls now?

Berlin. Itzehoe is searching for “shopping city”. But if you drive on the escalators in Holstein Center in the city with about 30,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Hamburg, you can quickly lose the desire to shop. Between lowered shutters, taped shop windows and empty areas, the last shops are struggling to survive. Only 13 … Read more

Grateful for the broken shoulder – Berliner Morgenpost

The living and the dead Thank you for breaking your shoulder Updated: 24-04-2022 07:48 | Reading time: 6 minutes Erich Rauschenbach is quite pleased with its general condition. Photo: Christian Schultz The cartoonist Erich Rauschenbach found it crazy to go to the gym – until he became one himself. Fsjdi … Read more