How we get closer again in friendships

How we get closer again in friendships

Hamburg (dpa / tmn) – Keep your distance – it has been the order of the day since the beginning of 2020, since the corona virus settled in the airways and in life. Even with close friends, you kept at least two arm’s lengths away or did not meet in person at all. Instead, people … Read more

Employee discounts: When are these taxable?

Preferably cut into pieces Popular benefits Then at employee discounts expected The rules also apply to subsidiaries? The Supreme Court is the taxpayers not positively set But benefits sometimes lead to surprises. Namely, when the employee has to pay tax on the non-cash benefits received. This is how it happened in Cologne, where a car … Read more

They want people for sports

May 22, 2022 at 18.39 company in Krefeld : They want people for sports Arne Reimer (from left), Daniel Hanelt, Daniel Wischer and Konstantin Volkowa presented their company. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld The Hamburg company Sport Alliance with a branch in Fichtenhain wants to digitize the fitness industry and is on the rise. Also in … Read more

Gym closed due to Corona – is there a refund?

In order to slow down the spread of the new type of corona virus and thereby relieve the health system, the federal government has, among other things, ensured that all fitness centers throughout Germany remain closed indefinitely. This leaves fitness junkies and bodybuilders with one big question in particular: do you get your money back … Read more

Munich: How the Corona crisis affects sport – Munich

The picture looks familiar, at least to anyone who is currently banished to their own four walls to practice sports. There is a chest of drawers on the left, a desk on the right, with just enough space on the floor in between for a blue mat. And on this lies Benjamin Weiderer now, gray … Read more