Sebastian Vollmer: Brady is better at 90 percent than most players at 100

AZ: Mr. Vollmer, in two months the first Germany game in the NFL will take place. You, the only German to win the Super Bowl twice, are often in Germany as an NFL ambassador. How do you perceive the current football hype here?SEBASTIAN VOLLMER: Everyone is excited, come in shirts, including the business partners, want … Read more

Philip Bähr is the face of success

Born series. A footballer in a national league is rarely compared to Lionel Messi. A guy like Philip Bähr, who with his massive body seems more made for heading the ball than for fine dribbling in a limited space, is at first glance excluded. This is probably one of the reasons why his teammates were … Read more

Love is King: Candidates

“Love is King” has been on Joyn since September. Who are the candidates looking for love at the castle? We introduce you to the princes and princesses. Since September 8, 2022, the streaming provider has brought Joy the new show “Love is King”. The candidates don’t get to know each other on a dreamy holiday … Read more

Christoph Pein from Achim is running for the state election: A double-digit percentage result is the goal

Homepage local District World Achim Created: 20/09/2022, 16:18 Of: Dennis Bartz Share Christoph Pein from Achim is a candidate for the state parliament in constituency 61 World and says: “I like to live below my means.” © Bartz Achim – his hands are marked with calluses, his elbows have clearly visible scratches – but also … Read more

Gym in the Braunschweiger Fitnessland group insolvent

fitness Gym in the Braunschweiger Fitnessland group insolvent 20/09/2022, 08:25 | Reading time: 3 minutes According to Fitnessland, the insolvency of the McV fitness studio in Braunschweig’s pedestrian street has no impact on other locations in the group (symbolic image). Photo: Oliver Berg / picture alliance / dpa Brunswick. According to the company, the end … Read more

Gewandhaus Dresden becomes a Reisetopia Hotel

Would you like a little trip to Dresden? We already have the right luxury hotel for you on offer. You can now book the Gewandhaus Dresden via Reisetopia Hotels. Whether you need a longer break or just want to go away for a long weekend. Dresden offers the perfect setting for this, and the Gewandhaus … Read more