The smallest league in the world

How many teams is needed for the smallest league in the world? The Isles of Scilly answer that question. Small spoiler: there are not many. A number of football personalities have already secured their place in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2018, for example, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson set the record for longest hand … Read more

Washington NFL team reveals mystery of new name, American football – Newsticker

On February 2, the secret behind the future name of the Washington team from the National Football League (NFL), where David Bada from Munich is also under contract, will be revealed on American breakfast television. The Washington Redskins were the first major American professional team to say goodbye to their racist name more than a … Read more

German Football League: Setback for Frankfurt Universe

DThat they are still playing in the first division is something of a small miracle. But on Saturday, the men from Frankfurt Universe actually played their first home game of the new season of the German Football League (GFL), the highest German league in American football. Last year, the team actually had no chance of … Read more

The Ducks’ first AFL and season victory

Historic first AFL victory for Ducks in Maxglan: The Ducks defeated Project Spielberg Graz Giants in front of a home crowd 35:20leading already after three quarters of an hour 29: 7. Crucially, the Ducks’ attack was back to normal and led by QB Kris Dentonwho was involved in all five Salzburg touchdowns (2 rushing, 3 … Read more

The Lübeck Cougars start the football season against the Hamburg Huskies

Read for free until The Lübeck Cougars start the season against the Hamburg Huskies Eight and a half months ago, Lübeck’s 2nd division football team played its last obligatory home game. On Sunday (15.00) the Cougars return to the Buniamshof and open their second division season with the derby against the Hamburg Huskies. Lübeck.On September … Read more

Saban and Fisher have a mud fight

Alabama / Munich – Nick Saban, head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, triggered a shake-up in college football on Wednesday. At a news conference, he said that Texas A&M University has put together the best recruiting class for the upcoming season because it “bought all the players”. Aggie’s head coach Jimbo Fisher was quick … Read more

Two underdogs and a title aspirant

Kick-off for the American football season – Two underdogs and a title aspirant ons 18/05/22 | 14:40 | Of Fabian Friedman IMAGO / Matthias Koch Sound: Antenna Brandenburg | Matthew Gindorf | Picture: IMAGO / Matthias Koch The German football league starts the new season this weekend. While the Berlin Adler are back in the … Read more

The great danger of hitting your head during sports

By FITBOOK | December 15, 2021 at 17.21 Former NFL player Phillip Adams killed six people in April – and himself. Now it was revealed that he suffered from the degenerative brain disease CTE, like many former football players. An underestimated disadvantage of football: There are frequent violent clashes. Not always without consequences. Concussions can … Read more