Polar Grit X Pro: Sports watch test

The Finnish sports watch manufacturer Polar often refers to its watches as training computers – and it fits. The Polar Grit X Pro is the rugged outdoor version of this training computer. It contains the whole range of functions, fitness analysis and sensors. The test classifies them and shows how they perform in everyday life … Read more

From monastery to monastery – do: excursions, fitness and travel

The first stage on the Klostersteig starts on a path as narrow as a towel. It goes steeply uphill over the mountains from Eberbach to Hallgarter Zange. 350 meters of altitude in just four kilometers – Rheingau’s “Jakobsweg” starts slowly. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit Content_1 A total of 30 kilometers are planned. “That’s about 45,000 steps,” … Read more

Sports clubs in Dortmund are threatened with a hard winter: “Consolation waivers” are necessary

Energy costs are increasing. Dortmund’s sports clubs also suffer from this and have to trade in the winter. The members will also feel that. Dortmund – The energy crisis does not only affect private households. Larger facilities such as sports clubs are also currently suffering from rising prices. Therefore, steps must be taken to save … Read more

Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 (Mini): New sports watches with Super GPS

Amazfit presented new sports watches at IFA 2022: the almost identically equipped GTR 4 and GTS 4 as well as the lightweight model GTS 4 Mini. We explain the differences between the models – and which function runners in particular benefit from. With the new sports smartwatches, Zepp Health and the Amazfit brand are particularly … Read more

Dantebad closes: It once bathed here

Munich – When she has a bad day, Tanja Schütz goes swimming. In the Dante bath. She always meets people she’s known for years: “I even met my current husband while swimming.” After swimming, she always feels fresher and better. But that shouldn’t be possible for a good half a year now. Due to the … Read more

The Freeletics fitness app adapts the system twice to the current crisis

Bei Freeletics is all about speed. A few years ago, the fitness app inspired recreational athletes with a new approach to their training: almost endless repetitions of strength exercises like sit-ups, squats and push-ups in virtual competition – without equipment. All over Germany, mostly young men were jumping and puffing in parks, on football pitches … Read more

Fürstenfeldbruck: The parking lot becomes a town square – Fürstenfeldbruck

It will become more beautiful and greener and an attractive meeting place for the residents of Fürstenfeldbruck: The city has presented plans for the redesign of the southern cattle market square. Politicians from all city council factions rated these as successful. For around 3.2 million euros, a parking lot for almost 30 cars is to … Read more

ORF and fitness company group present digital collaboration project “ORF-TVthek goes Technogym”

ORF-TVthek is now available as an application on Technogym fitness equipment Vienna (OTS) – ORF-TVthek is now also available in the fitness area: It will be available in Austria on all fitness equipment equipped with “Technogym Live” or “Technogym Unity”. For the first time, athletes can access ORF TV programs on demand during their training. … Read more

Uta Pippig at the Berlin marathon: I couldn’t breathe or feel my legs because of the excitement

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