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Gummersbach – Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson’s team deservedly beats a weak TVB Stuttgart, but makes it almost exciting again in the final stages – ‘RPP – Ambulant Terapi og Rehabiliteringscenter’ and AggerEnergie present the coverage of VfL Gummersbach.

By Uli Klein

Of course there was danger. In light of the extremely formidable start to the season and the rather mediocre performances from TVB Stuttgart, the home team went into the duel with the Swabians as clear favourites, but in the back of the minds of the blue-whites the very lucky ones. 29:28 win against other promoted teams Hamm was almost inevitably still in the back of the mind omnipresent.

[Tom Jansen musste heute durchspielen, nachdem Nemanja Zelenovic wie befürchtet ausgefallen war.]

“In any case, they have a better team than the results indicate,” VfL coach Goggi Sigurdsson had hailed the previously pointless Stuttgarters in the run-up to the game, and emphatically warned his side against taking a laissez-faire attitude into the match. game to go to a showdown.

Although it became even tighter for the hosts in the final minutes, they brought a clear 29:24 victory over the finish line at the end of the 60 minutes, collecting points seven and eight in the national elite class on matchday 5.


VfL Gummersbach – TVB Stuttgart 29:24 (16:9).

When Ellidi Vidarsson scored the 28th VfL goal 24 seconds before stoppage time, he had put a double exclamation mark: For the team, because the blue-white victory over the South Germans was finally certain. But also for yourself personally. Because it was the Icelander’s eleventh goal, who was not necessarily happy in the previous matches and had missed some premium chances. On Thursday evening, however, there was absolutely nothing to criticize for the performance of the Scandinavian, who slipped into the role of game-decider together with the goalkeeper duo Tibor Ivanisevic/Fabian Norsten.

[Tibor Ivanisevic (r.) und der später eingewechselte Fabian Norsten waren mit zwölf und vier Paraden starke Rückhalte.]

At the end of the game, the paying customers were allowed to celebrate a ritual similar to that after the delicate victory against Hamm a week ago: jubilation, bustle, cheerfulness have long since become standard at Oberbergische, as Mahner Sigurdsson apparently wanted. to confirm in his doomsday prophecies.

[Stuttgarts Altmeister Silvio Heinevetter musste Lukas Blohme seine Zeitstrafe erst einmal erklären.]

Once again, the newcomer to the league delivered an extremely strong first half with excellent defensive work on the floor of the SCHWALBE Arena. And again they broke after a lead of ten goals (23:13/45.) and two minutes before the end of the game they only had a two-goal cushion (26:24) before Vidarsson and Lukas Blohme shot empty into the net Schwaben-Tor with the siren brought the previous events over 45 minutes down to a reasonable denominator, at least numerically.

Sigurdsson should be satisfied with another home win, but the former world-class left-winger should not have missed the deficit from his young side in the second half of the game – missed shots, errors in front of them or technical errors.

Right-winger Mathis Häseler, for example, deserves a lot of praise

who initially refined three counter-attacks safely, but was then bought by the very strong old master Silvio Heinevetter in the TVB box two first-class throwing chances.

[Mathis Häseler bei einem seiner drei Treffer.]

Dominik Mappes, on the other hand, did not have a five-star performance this time. It may have been due to national coach Alfred Gislason’s presence or the playmaker’s fitness problems at the start of the week. So be it: Blauweiß has continued to work on his dream start in the new environment with a well-deserved labor victory.

Gummersbach: Ellidi Vidarsson (11), Lukas Blohme (5), Mathis Häseler, Tilen Kodrin (3 each), Dominik Mappes (3/1), Tom Jansen (2), Julian Köster, Hakon Styrmisson (1 each).

Stuttgart: Egon Hanusz (6), Sascha Pattheier (4), Jan Forstbauer, Max Häfner, Daniel Jiminez Fernandez (3 each), Adam Lönn (2), Oscar Bergendahl, Nico Schöttle, Fynn Nicolaus (1 each).

seven meters

1/2 – 0/2 (short on the post – Ivanisevic saves against Villalobos and Zieker).


8:10 minutes (Zeman (red) Kiesler, Kodrin, Blohme – 2x Nicolaus, Zieker, Bergendahl, Forstbauer).




Steven Heine and Sascha Standke

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