Gütersloh – Schalke: The only bright spot! Fan calls for HIM are loud

International break, but Kongeblå is still in action. Received Thursday Guetersloh Schalke for the test match.

Oberliga vs. Bundesliga: At Gutersloh against Schalke all miners hope that the class distinction will become clear. But some S04 professionals are also under pressure during the test match.

Gütersloh – Schalke live ticker: Here’s all the information

Coach Frank Kramer gives some players who were recently left out a test. Front right: Danny Latza. The captain currently plays no role – and must show today that he is an alternative to the king transfer Tom Krauss.

Gütersloh – Schalke: Danny Latza is currently out of S04. Photo: IMAGO/team 2

DER WESTEN accompanies the test match between Gütersloh and Schalke in the live ticker. Here you get all the information.

+++ Update live ticker +++

FC Gütersloh – FC Schalke 04 0: 3 (0: 1)

Goals: 0-1 Latza (25′), 0-2 Terodde (76′), 0-3 Terodde (85′)

After the game: FC Schalke 04 were really convincing, but one player stood out for the fans: Florent Mollet. The new signing delivered a pleasing performance in attack, becoming dangerous several times and setting up Terodde’s 3-0 lead. The question arises for the supporters: Why was the Frenchman not in the squad twice recently? Mollet has so far played four paltry short appearances, under coach Frank Kramer he plays no role – to the incomprehension of the fans.

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End! A tired kick, with the S04 fans only being rewarded for their patience after Terodde has been substituted. Schalke had a lot of possession, but the offense is rusty just like in the Bundesliga. Few options, few convincing. It must be better against Augsburg.

85.: GOOOOOOO for Schalke! And there he is again. Double pack Terodde, this time converting a half cross from Matriciani with his right.

82.: By chance, Sidi Sané suddenly appears free in front of the FCG box. He beats the goalkeeper with a lob. But also the gate.

76.: TOOOR for Schalke! Terodde is on the pitch for just over a minute when he nods a cross into the corner.

75.: Triple replacement by Kramer. Larsson, Polter and Zalazar go, Sané, Terodde and Bülter come.

68.: Flick out right on Mollet, who moves to the middle, puts it back on Flick. A Gütersloher deflects the shot so that it narrowly misses the post.

63.: Just like in the Bundesliga, Schalke’s offense also struggles with the Oberliga. Almost no degrees, almost no options. Many fans are disappointed online. The reactions:

  • Unfortunately, it is very little or nothing compared to an Oberliga club.
  • So of course it’s just a test match but a few chances to score would still be allowed and welcome. Offensively, it’s pretty boring again.
  • I really don’t know what to think of the show.
  • Control the game but not enough chances to score in my opinion.

55.: The hosts get it right here. After Greiml, Flick must also be dealt with after a rude error. Then the Mollet is also riveted. A bit much for a test game.

48.: 2753 spectators at the Heidewald Stadium.

46.: The second round begins. And that – unusually for a Test match – without a change. At least at Schalke.

Break in Guetersloh!

Schalke lead, but it was not a treat at all. S04 has everything under control, but as in the league, the offensive game is rusty. More in round 2 please.

40: Gütersloh bravely tries to go forward, deals with long balls. So far this has not been crowned with success. The Oberliga is still waiting for its first chance.

33.: Wow! Mollet caresses a free kick from 19 meters exactly to the bottom of the crossbar. His bad luck: the ball bounces out again.

26th: It goes on for Greiml. He is back on the field.

25th: GOOOOOOO for Schalke! Matriciani pulls up on the right, his low cross is deflected and lands just in front of Latza’s feet. Capitano just needs to put his foot out.

23rd: A moment of shock about Leo Greiml. After a head butting duel, the newcomer falls to the ground and appears to be in excruciating pain. He is escorted off the field by medical personnel.

20th: Tired start to the test game here. Schalke circle the pill, but Gütersloh concedes little.

12th: First big S04 chance! Mollet grabs a clearing attempt, pulls flat. The goalkeeper is beaten, but Gütersloh’s Beuckmann clears the line.

7.: The men of the house nestle in at the back and wait and see what Schalke can offer offensively.

1st minute: Here we go! Schalke grabs the ball, wants to gain confidence here and show that the team also has offensive power.


18.50: After the seventh matchday, Gütersloh is in 6th place in the Oberliga Westfalen, but still has a game to play and can move up a point behind leaders Westfalia Rhynern.

18.20: Forty minutes to go, then it starts at the Heidewald Stadium. This is Schalke’s star eleven:
Ferryman – Ouwejan, Cissé, Greiml, Matriciani – Latza, Flick – Zalazar, Mollet, Larsson – Polter

5:30 p.m.: 90 minutes to kick-off. The royal blue national matches are of course not there today. They are Alex Kral (Czech Republic), Maya Yoshida (Japan), Tom Krauß (DFB U21), Sepp van den Berg (Netherlands U21), Mehmet Aydin and Kerim Calhanoglu (both DFB U20).

4:16 p.m.: Do you not only want to read the test game in our ticker, but also see it? All information about broadcasts and live streams can be found here.

14:41: Danny Latza’s situation is even more precarious. The captain is practically on the outside of Kramer and hasn’t played a minute in weeks. He must show up today for a chance to play minutes in a duel with star Tom Krauss.

12.50: S04 coach Kramer should give a chance to some players today who have been less often on the pitch lately. These include professionals that you would not have thought of until recently. Thomas Ouwejan, for example, or Rodrigo Zalazar. Both were instrumental in the rise, but are now behind.

11:45 a.m.: The tough setting: The match starts at 19:00 at the Heidewald Stadium in Gütersloh in East Westphalia.

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10.20: Good morning and welcome to the live ticker for FC Schalke 04’s friendly match against Gütersloh. You won’t miss anything here.

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