Excitement is rising ahead of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup in Kosovo

Göttingen. It’s ready for departure: At the basketball Bundesliga team BG Göttingen, everything is ready for the start of the season – as far as possible. Because even at the press conference on Friday afternoon in the basketball center at Schützenplatz, the dominant topic was the bomb tracking in the immediate vicinity of the Sparkassen-Arena and the blockade in connection with a find and possible relocation plans to Kassel.

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However, the focus for the violets is primarily on the qualification tournament for the main round of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. On Sunday, the 19-strong group of violets is on its way to Düsseldorf and then – after spending the night there – on board the plane to Pristina in Kosovo early on Monday morning.

From there, a bus transfer will take you to Mitrovica, where the first opponent – BC Trepca – is based. New captain Harper Kamp, who is new to this international qualifier, admitted like all his teammates: “Everyone is pretty excited.” He hopes for a good tournament, with three wins if possible. “It can help us go into the BBL season with a good feeling.”

BG Göttingen in the European Cup: Moors relies on speed and flexibility

His head coach Roel Moors also sees it that way, and his personal goal is to do better with the team than last season. “It will be a lot of hard work. How we do it in the end depends on the little things,” says the Belgian. He is not impressed with the opening programme: “It was also tough last year, nobody would have thought we would be in such a good position after the first games.” The new team is different from the 2021/22 season. “We have two or three players who can decide the games.”

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He assembled the squad, which he has less money to spend this season than in previous years, in such a way that individual players can occupy different positions so that they fit well together. “I wanted more speed and athletic players.” Till Pape played the most constant preparation. “He has many options and can help us a lot in the big positions.”

Captain Harper Kamp, head coach Roel Moors, PR manager Birte Meyenberg and managing director Frank Meinershagen commented on the upcoming season.

Unlike his team, Moors is no stranger to international competition. “I haven’t played internationally for two years,” he says. He has participated in various competitions both as a player and as a coach. He has also coached in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup, but also in the Champions League.

FIBA Europe Cup: The scouting for two games in BG Göttingen is ready

A possible opponent in the final on Friday 30 September in Motrovica could be his former club Giants Antwerp. Of course he knows him very well. But he and his assistant coach Olivier Foucart have also dealt with the other two clubs in detail.

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In the first game on Tuesday against the hosts, you must not underestimate the crowd, he warns. And Sporting Lisbon, who are then waiting for the winner of the quarter-finals, have already scouted Foucart because this match will not start until 24 hours later. “Everything has to be finished, so we can’t just start on the spot.”

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Kamp reported a good atmosphere in the team and in the dressing room. He still wants to push for team building, but due to his illness last week, which also caused him to miss the tests against Frankfurt and Braunschweig, joint activities were slightly neglected. “But I have an idea: We just bought a house and are renovating so the boys could come knock out a few walls,” the 34-year-old oldest player on the team said with a wink.

CEO Frank Meinershagen will not fly to Kosovo. “I had actually intended to, but the BBL conference is on Monday and Tuesday, and it is also about finances and the distribution of funds. Of course I have to be there,’ said the club manager. One of his main concerns is “getting the fans off the TV and back into the hall”.

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