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90 min


France clearly wins 2-0 over Austria. The favorite shows from the start that he has big plans today. Austria were able to keep up well at the start, but a mistake from Sabitzer was the can opener for France. Austria never recovered from the goal they conceded and then gave the visitors more chances. Austria have occasionally found their way forward, France were overall too strong today and are in good shape for the World Cup.

90 min


Mbappé gets his individual applause. Kolo Muani is allowed to play for one minute.

90 min


Randal Kolo Muani comes on as a substitute for France

90 min


Substitution for France: Kylian Mbappé

90 min


Official overtime (minutes): 2

88 min


This is getting dangerous again! Baumgartner and Gregoritsch at least make the defenders frown. A corner kick then leads to a dangerous French attack – Mbappé shoots over it.

85 minutes


Posch takes the ball well from Mbappé and thus prevents the striker from making a dangerous run.

82nd min


France take the tempo out of the game. It gives Austria more time on the ball again, but it is of no use, because there is still nothing going forward.

80 min


France again brings fresh strength. Rather, players should be spared here as well.

78 min


Ousmane Dembélé comes on for France

78 min


Substitution for France: Antoine Griezmann

78 min


Christopher Nkunku comes on as a substitute for France

78 min


Substitution for France: Olivier Giroud

74th min


France now have all the trump cards in their hands and simply cannot drop the ball anymore. Austria is currently only a spectator.

71 min


With Schmid there is also a debutante in Austria. He should give offensive new impulses.

69th min


Substitution for Austria: Romano Schmid

69th min


Substitution in Austria: Marcel Sabitzer

69th min


Substitution for Austria: Stefan Posch

69th min


Substitution in Austria: David Alaba

67 min


Mbappé is up and away again, but stumbles on the hook against Pentz – but he would have been offside anyway.

65 min


Tooor for France, 2-0 through Olivier Giroud

Austria switch ncoh, the attack then moves quickly to the right, Griezmann crosses to the middle where Giroud beats Lienhart with a header.

64th min


Substitution for Austria: Michael Gregoritsch

64th min


Substitution for Austria: Marko Arautović

64th min


Substitution for Austria: Christoph Baumgartner

64th min


Substitution for Austria: Karim Onisiwo

62nd min


Onisiwo plays the ball low into the penalty area, but none of his colleagues are there.

59 min


Now Austria must become bolder. The goal just falls in the Austrians’ best phase.

56th min


Tooor for France, 1-0 through Kylian Mbappé

A stop error by Sabitzer and saves Mbappé and away! Even three Austrians can’t stop him, he wins and slams the ball into the goal!

52nd min


Clauss shoots over it! Again, Mbappé sets an action in motion, Griezmann then lets the ball through to Clauss, who shoots just over the goal!

51 min


Huge opportunity for Austria! Schlager is surprised after a pass from Sabitzer and cannot accept the ball! There he is just before the five and the ball bounces over his foot!

50 minutes


Weimann is injured and must be replaced.

50 minutes


Substitution for Austria: Dejan Ljubicic

50 minutes


Replacement in Austria: Andreas Weimann

49 min


The corner kick brings nothing this time, Austria can continue with a goal kick.

48 min


France pick up where they left off and come straight back for a corner kick.

46 min


France change goalkeeper at half-time. Otherwise, it remains unchanged.

46 min


Alphonse Areola comes on as a substitute for France

46 min


France comes off the bench with Mike Maignan

46 min


Kick-off 2nd half

45 min


midway conclusion
France vs. Austria is 0-0 at halftime. Thanks to the poor conversion of chances, Austria are still level here. The French are superior for long stretches, can combine almost at will and have such good chances towards the end of the first half. Austria rarely becomes dangerous and can show a little offensively. In the second half, the Austrians must offer much more, otherwise France’s lead is only a matter of time.

45 min


End of the 1st half

45 min


Congratulations to Austria! Mbappé is up and away, passes Pentz, the angle is already too sharp, he passes into the middle, where Fofana shoots the ball to the side instead of the empty goal!

45 min


Official overtime (minutes): 2

45 min


Onisiwo creates danger with a header – but from an offside position.

42nd min


Mbappé shoots from over 20 meters. Pentz holds safe.

39 min


Clauss plays a low cross into the penalty area, Giroud breaks away but shoots behind the goal.

38 min


Yellow card for Andreas Weimann (Austria)

Weimann arrives late against Tchouaméni and immediately receives a yellow card.

35 minutes


Great save from Pentz! First Tchouaméni hits the crossbar with an overhead kick, the ball bounces to Griezmann, but Pentz pounces on the shot and saves it straight!

34 min


Little is moving forward at the moment, France is shielding well against the Austrian attacks, Austria is simply not moving forward.

30 minutes


After the long phase of pressure from the French, Austria now have some time on the ball, but defensively they close everything.

27 min


First Lienhart saves against Griezmann, then Mbappé comes to a conclusion! Now France becomes more dangerous.

26 min


Combination via Mbappé! He gets to an end but doesn’t catch the ball properly and Pentz is spot on and grabs the ball.

24 min


First chance for Austria! Schlager drives the play forward and then moves inside – Sabitzer shoots just over it from just over 20 metres!

23 min


Substitution for France: William Saliba

23 min


Jules Koundé comes off the bench for France

21 min


Apparently, France is already forced to make the first change. Koundé sits down and takes off the pillows. He will probably be replaced.

19 minutes


Fofana plays a high ball to the top, but Pentz can safely intercept it.

16 min


A quick combination from France brings the next corner kick. Alaba fakes a degree from Griezmann.

14 min


Trimmel provides relief, an attempted cross in the penalty area is too steep – Maignan catches the ball.

12 minutes


Corner kick for France – France initially fails due to the many legs in the penalty area, then Austria can just clear before Mbappé.

12 minutes


France is currently oppressively superior. Austria does not enter the duels and the hosts let the ball circulate quickly.

9 minutes


Dangerous free kick from Mbappé! The ball falls dangerously, but Alaba can still clear in front of the goal.

7 minutes


Giroud just misses a high long ball. Pentz can pick up the ball.

4 minutes


After the initial shock, the Austrians now dare to step forward again. Wake-up call came early, many mistakes can no longer happen here.

2 minutes


Mbappé scores for the first time! But he was offside and the goal doesn’t count.

1 min


Austria open the game but quickly lose the ball with inaccurate passes.


Austria gets going.


Now comes the Marseillaise before the captains come to choose their seats.


The first item on the program: the Austrian national anthem is now heard in the Stade de France.


Many eyes are also on France debutants Badiashile and Fofana. Both have attracted attention with good performances in Monaco.


It starts in a few minutes, the teams are ready in the players’ tunnel.


If Austria win today, the league in Nations League A is locked in – a draw would postpone the decision until the last match.


In any case, the French show respect for the Austrian team. The big favorite knows the qualities, but has set nothing less than victory as his goal.


Austria has a long history at the Stade de France. In 1998 they lost to Italy in their last World Cup appearance here.


Austria relies on a variable defense. On paper it is initially after a back fourer. Onisiwo and Arnautović start in front. The latter officially overtakes Andreas Herzog today as record team player.


France are without Benzema. But Mbappé, Griezmann and Giroud form the storm. On the defensive, Didier Deschamps relies on a three-man chain, with Varane responsible for the defense.


Welcome to the Nations League A in Group 1 for the match between France and Austria.

Austria will build on the positive first games under Ralf Rangnick in France. In the first appearances, the ÖFB selection looked much better and also cut a good figure against France, at least in the first half.

Despite the positive first steps, the ÖFB team must adjust to the opponent today. Some of the injured did not make the team, but France will also be different. The defending champions in the Nations League are still all set to win and want it at home from the first minute.

If Austria manage to get off to a good start like in the first matches, it will be a close and exciting match today. The referee is the Swede Andreas Ekberg. Kick-off at the Stade de France is at 20:45.

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