Laying of pipes in Zinsholzstrasse for the local heating network planned for October – Wertheim

Waldenhausen. The main topics at Waldenhausen’s town council meeting on Wednesday in the fire station were the current developments in the village.

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Mayor Gerrit Lang informed about the status of the construction of the local heating network. There are no delays in the construction of the local thermal power plant at the multi-building. The interior assembly has started.

local heating network

Noted in the municipal council

In the municipal council Waldenhausen There were also the following topics and posts:

words of thanks was from there Citizenship for voluntary care and watering of geraniums on it Tauber bridge.

For the 2023 budget had Waldenhausen thaw forest deckchairs requested. These larger fluctuating wooden deck chairs invites you to lie down and enjoy the air and the scenery. mayor Gerrit Lang asked residents to suggest possible locations.

October 22 also takes place in Waldenhausen the campaign for a clean landscape. The meeting place is at 8.30 at the town hall, the event ends at 11.30 with a lock.

Long noted the city Wertheim should coordinate with the districts in setting the date of the action day in the future. Due to a large children’s and youth football tournament that day, many young helpers were absent from the cleaning campaign. Nevertheless, we will participate. He recruited several helpers to help with landscape cleaning and preparing snacks.

Councillor Marlise Teicke had asked if another shaded seating area should be set up in the cemetery. However, since there are already three benches there, there was no need for it.

Due to the removal of the gravel from the gravel bed at the tunnel construction site West Franconia Railway lorry traffic will again increase. For technical reasons, transport by rail is not possible.

For those who didn’t have a chance to get a seat during the first tunnel tour, there is now another option. The second tunnel tour for Waldenhausen residents is organized in the village. The contact person for interested parties is the mayor.

that bakery Steinruck is closed until at least the end of September. That’s why there are over the rolls Waldenhausen currently only sold out bakery Oetzel Reichholzheim.

Long invited to the Waldenhausen parade on Saturday 1 October. Start is at 2 p.m. The anniversary of incorporation, the inauguration of Kirchäckerstraße after renovation and the dedication of “Sophie-Brümmer-Weg” with posthumous honors are celebrated during the parade.

From rows of Citizenship was asked to revive the crime thriller night that used to be held in the village.

Local council Nils Ries asked about the status of the application for implementation of the redevelopment area Waldenhausen. Long reported that the restructuring statute was in effect. He hoped that the urban development company in the future Wertheim (bridge) in Waldenhausen get involved and renovate old buildings.

Regarding the city’s energy-saving measures Wertheim the mayor explained that it must be checked whether practice lessons in the multi-hall can be put into one day. The hall does not have to be heated for one hour a day.

Further stressed Long, it is important for the village that the Wertheim indoor pool opens in winter. It is very important for the children’s swimming ability, he referred to the lack of places on swimming courses. hpw

After completion of the construction work, the slope next to it must be planted, and a project must be initiated with the kindergarten for the purpose. The village also wanted to collect the rainwater from the 36 square meter roof of the boiler house, so that it could be used to water the planting. The interns from Stadtwerke Wertheim develop a concept for how capture and collection can best be carried out.

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Lang also reported that after the completion of the construction work, the football field will be re-seeded, the ball fence will also be put up and a basketball hoop will be put up. Regarding the new development area, he explained that all building plots are currently reserved and that there are additional interested parties for the plots.

Citizens have criticized that the construction site for laying the local heating network in Zinsholzstrasse has been idle for a long time. Lang reported on the background to the standstill. There had been massive problems with the original civil engineering firm, which ultimately meant it was unacceptable to the city of Wertheim and the contract was terminated by the city. Subsequently, Boller Bau was ordered to do the earthworks. Another company was commissioned to lay the cable itself.

The transfer should take place in the period May-July. However, this was not possible due to the poor work of the construction company at the time. However, the company currently does not have time for the job in Waldenhausen to lay the wire, as they had planned it for May-July.

Bollerbau quickly opened the way for the laying of cables after taking over the work. But when the laying company could not carry out the work there, the road was temporarily closed again. The move is now scheduled to take place in October. In addition, better coordination would have been desired, which would have prevented digging up without laying the cable, it was further explained.

fire in the vineyard

Lang also went into detail about the fire at the former winery. During the cutting work before the fire, knocking was heard again and again, then crackling and then smoke, he described the impressions. He had great praise for the efforts of the firefighters from the departments involved in the operation. Less than ten minutes after the first call, the first forces were on the scene. The wind spread the fire. He was convinced that if the fire brigade had arrived just five minutes later, the fire could have spread to the forest.

He was also praised for the fact that some of the emergency vehicles drove along Wengertsweg, although it was not easy. That way you could get to the scene quickly. It was the second wildfire in the area this summer. Both times units of the machine ring were the cause. He is responsible for the maintenance of the property. After the first fire, the company was told to cut only with scissors. This was not complied with. He found it a pity that the machine ring had not contacted the property owners affected by the fire regarding possible damage settlement.

After there had been irritation over the extended contract period with the machine ring, Lang went on to emphasize: “The contract for the landscape maintenance program continues until 2023. The machine ring will fulfill the contract.”

village shop

The subject of the village shop was brought up again. According to the mayor, it has been discussed several times. For a village shop, you can think of different variants, including a shop without staff. The general question is whether there is a need for such a store in Waldenhausen.

He referred to the uncertain future of the shop in Reicholzheim, the village shop plans with a new building in Boxtal, the village shop in Schollbrunn and other small villages.

The idea for a village shop came from municipal council member Marlise Teicke. She explained that she could imagine a store with basic supplies. This could also become a meeting place for Waldenhauser.

The municipal council accepted the proposal from councilor Ralf Herr to invite representatives of the village shop Schollbrunn to a public council meeting to hear more about concepts and implementation options. After this, it will be further discussed whether there is a need and interest in developing a concept.

An elderly resident of Waldenhausen pointed out that it was not easy to shop in Wertheim by public transport. Lang explained that if you wanted a village store, you had to develop your own concept that suited Waldenhausen. He referred to plans to convert the ground floor of the former fire station into a barrier-free village meeting place. You could also create space for a village shop.

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