5 good reasons! Therefore, online yoga is guaranteed to be something for you

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Minute yoga with PAM in the video
5 good reasons! Therefore, online yoga is definitely for you

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Many people find it easier and faster to relax in their own four walls. This is one of the many benefits that online yoga has.

Whether it’s sun salutations in your bedroom in your pajamas, a quick meditation on your lunch break, or yoga nidra to help you fall back asleep in the middle of the night… the possibilities for online yoga are endless. Find out here why yoga is for you too!

At least since the Corona pandemic, online yoga offerings have seen a real boom. If a visit to the studio is not possible, then at least dogs, pigeons and co within your own four walls. But online yoga is not just a pale alternative to yoga classes and gyms, it actually has a number of advantages over “real” classes. We present 5 plus points of online yoga and have a very special surprise for all readers up our sleeve below. It’s worth a read!

The benefits of online yoga: 5 good reasons

Practicing yoga is a great way to relax, build strength, become more flexible, adapt to your body and increase overall well-being. Regardless of whether it is yoga in the studio or online – both have advantages and disadvantages. 5 reasons in favor of yoga practice at home, read here:

1. Anytime and (almost) anywhere

“Roll out the mat, press play and go” – all this makes it much easier to overcome your weaker self. No travel time to the studio, preparation time for online yoga is minimal. And you can take your favorite yoga teachers and classes with you pretty much anywhere – when you travel or relocate. Your online yoga comes with. All you need is a stable internet connection.

2. Different classes and styles

Unlike classic classes in the studio, which are 60, 75 or even 90 minutes long, the online classes come in different lengths: yoga quickies, which are 5 to 10 minutes long – ideal for the office when you get a headache; Classes lasting 20-30 minutes are convenient for lunch or to start the day.
You can also choose from a range of yoga styles online, try out new styles and find out what suits you right now. Choose themed classes and programs that, for example, focus on strengthening your back or reducing stress.

3. Private atmosphere

At home, in your own four walls, many find it easier to try new poses. No one sees you as you fall or pile dozens of couch cushions around you so you land softly while trying to balance the crow. You can also make yourself beautiful: lights off, candles on.

4. The outfit doesn’t matter

“Come as you are”, as Nirvana proclaimed back in 1992. It doesn’t have to be stylish yoga pants with a matching top for 200 euros. A pair of comfortable pants and a shirt will do the trick. Or you can do a quieter evening sequence in your pajamas and then fall straight into bed relaxed. Everything is possible at home!

5. Physical flexibility doesn’t matter

Yoga studios are mostly dominated by young, flexible, slender women whose bodies can seemingly effortlessly assume any pose, no matter how challenging. Does it scare you? If so, you are not alone in this. This is probably also the reason why you rarely meet women over 60 or with a few kilos on their hips in yoga studios. Basically a shame, because everyone can benefit from yoga. But this is also another plus for online yoga. In your own four walls, it doesn’t matter if your hands feel 1 meter off the ground when you bend forward, or if your heels may never reach the ground when you look down. What matters is doing it.

Of course, there are also a few disadvantages that online yoga can bring. Beginners in particular can establish incorrect working positions because they lack the help of teachers. Therefore, it is advisable to attend an hour in the yoga studio at least from time to time and to choose online courses for beginners where a lot of emphasis is placed on orientation. In addition, it is not always easy to find space and time in the home where family members do not just drop in, or other things such as doorbells, the telephone or furry roommates distract from practice.

Minute yoga with Pam now on BILD der Frau Online

From next Saturday, Pamela Menzell will exclusively present good yoga exercises to BILD female readers every week. Do you have trouble turning your head enough to look over your shoulder again, or can you only tie your shoes while sitting? There is an effective tool for all this: yoga.

Pam shows what yoga can do and how good it will do you too. In a weekly video, the experienced yoga teacher explains step by step how to perform each exercise and gives tips on what to pay attention to.

With her platform Personal Pam, the yoga teacher wants to reach women in their prime who want to be or become flexible, strong and relaxed. Because it’s never too late for yoga and no one is too old.


Yoga helps reduce stress, makes you flexible and strengthens both body and mind.

Yoga can also be used to support sleep disorders and menopause.



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