NFL Stream: Watch football live

Football is coming. COMPUTER BILD explains how to stream American sports live.

American football has enjoyed increasing popularity in Germany for years. First, former German football players Sebastian Vollmer (New England Patriots, offensive tackle), Markus Kuhn (New England Patriots and New York Giants, defensive tackle) and Bjorn Werner (Indianapolis Colts, defensive tackle) have a certain fan base among Germans. catered to football fans – and two other German pros (Kasim Edebali with the Denver Broncos and Mark Nzeocha with the San Francisco 49ers) currently play in the NFL. On the other hand, the increasing popularity is due to the fact that live streaming of football matches is becoming easier and the matches are also broadcast on TV. COMPUTER BILD explains where to watch NFL games on the ninth day of play live on TV and online.

NFL Regular Season: Live on TV and Stream

This season, “Ran” and ProSieben Maxx have secured the rights to a number of NFL games. On Sunday, November 5, the station will broadcast two games from the ninth game day: at 19:00 the match between the Denver Broncos and the Philadelphia Eagles will take place, from 18:30 you will see the preliminary reports. The Broncos are in 12th place in the AFC (American Football Conference) with three wins and four losses, so German linebacker Kasim Edebali and his team are in doubt to make the playoffs this season. The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, have won all but one game so far (7-1) and lead the NFC (National Football Conference).

» Waipu.TV: Follow the NFL game Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles live!

The Washington Redskins will play the Seattle Seahawks at 10:25 p.m. While the Redskins, with a 3-4 record, need to get going as soon as possible to reach the playoffs (11th in the NFC), the Seahawks are currently in good shape with five wins and two losses and are fourth in the NFC standings . Both meetings can also be seen live on The streaming service DAZN shows the games in conference (“RedZone”), you can enjoy the game between Denver and Philadelphia on demand from 23.00 in re-live.

» Waipu.TV: Follow the NFL match Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks live!

NFL Stream: How to watch football live

Ran is fast becoming the go-to destination for live football. On the TV station ProSieben Maxx, Ran shows two football matches live on TV every Sunday: one match at 19:00 and one at 22:05 or 22:25. If you’re on the go or can’t receive ProSieben Maxx, you can alternatively access the app or the website and watch the games there for free. From January, Ran will also broadcast the playoffs and the Pro Bowl on Sat.1 and ProSieben Maxx. For several years, Ran has also used these channels to broadcast the Super Bowl, which usually takes place in early February and is the last game of the two NFL “conferences” (leagues) AFC and NFC – the absolute highlight for all football fans .

DAZN shows football conference

Ran’s scheduled Sunday games aren’t always for everyone, with more than half a dozen NFL Sunday games running simultaneously. The streaming service DAZN offers alternatives. Here you get access to the “RedZone”. The format is widespread in the United States and many cable channels broadcast it. It is nothing but a football conference covering all the highlights, touchdowns and exciting events for seven hours, from the first kick-off to the final whistle of the day. It was all inspired by the European football competitions. In addition to the conference call, you will also be offered the respective matches on Thursday evening, Sunday evening and Monday evening, which due to the time difference will be broadcast the following day at 02:25 German time. Sometimes there are also individual games that took place in the past. Like Netflix, DAZN is available as a subscription and costs €9.99 per month, can be received on all mobile devices and smart TVs. German comments are not available for RedZone.

Amazon Prime Video Thursday Night Football

Amazon acquires online rights to Thursday’s NFL games from Twitter.

NFL on Amazon Prime Video: Thursday Night Games

Last season the SMS service Twitter had secured the online rights to the Thursday games in the American football league NFL, this season Amazon has bought the transmission license for its Prime Video service. The stream of Thursday games is available to all Amazon Prime customers under the motto “Thursday Night Football”. You can watch the following games this season on Amazon:

All games only with NFL Gamepass

If you really want full access to every single game in the original language, the only option is NFL Gamepass. The official “Season Pro” offer costs a one-time fee of EUR 79.99, including streaming rights for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. If you need seven days of access, you can order the “7 Days NFL” package for €17.99. During the subscription period, you will watch all games live as well as the on-demand replays. Included in the package is access to NFL RedZone, game recaps and archives.

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