New fitness functions and better battery

Along with its new foldable smartphones, Samsung also presented two new smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 5 is the direct successor to the Watch 4. At the same time, there is also a Pro model with even higher performance and a more robust housing.

In addition to the regular Galaxy Watch, the previous models were also available as a classic version. With the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung takes a different approach and has also presented a Pro model. But what is the difference between the two versions and what is really new with the Galaxy Watch 5?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 offers extensive health and fitness features

The Galaxy Watch 5 has hardly changed visually compared to its predecessor. However, Samsung now offers the smartwatch in new colors. The small 40mm version comes in graphite, pink, gold and silver, while the larger 44mm version comes in graphite, sapphire and silver. Both versions feature the BioActive sensor, first introduced in the Galaxy Watch 4, which allows optical heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis to be measured via one sensor. However, Samsung has increased the contact area on the skin of the Galaxy Watch 5. Wearers should be able to measure their heart rate, blood oxygen content and even their stress level even more accurately than before.

The new Galaxy Watch 5 in 40 mm and silverPhoto: Samsung

In addition, the new smartwatch also provides a snapshot of the general condition. Based on this data, the watch makes suggestions for effective workouts via the connected app, but also reminds the wearer to drink after the workout and shows the fluid intake based on the body’s own fluid loss.

The smartwatch can also be used at night and then provides analyzes of your own sleeping behaviour. This includes displaying the different sleep phases, measuring snoring behavior and the oxygen content of the blood during the night. One criticism of the Galaxy Watch is its runtime. The manufacturer has improved this and installed a 13 percent larger battery in the current model. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 5 allows eight hours of sleep monitoring with just eight minutes of charging.

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Pro model with even better driving time and more robust housing

Special attention deserves the Pro model of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. It is specially developed for active people who are often outdoors. The watch is protected against scratches and breakage by an even stronger sapphire crystal and has a new D-buckle sports strap, which, according to the manufacturer, combines robust durability with a good fit.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has the most powerful battery of any Galaxy Watch. It is 60 percent more powerful than the battery in the Galaxy Watch 4. At the same time, for the first time, the watch also supports GPS functions, which are especially aimed at outdoor athletes. These include, for example, the “Route Workout” feature, which allows users to record walking routes and share them with friends via the Health app. It is also possible to download walking and cycling routes.

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Prices and availability

Both the base and Pro models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be available in stores from August 26. However, orders can be placed from today. Prices vary according to size and equipment. The Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm costs 299 euros as a Bluetooth version and 349 euros with LTE. Samsung charges 329 euros or 379 euros for the larger 44 millimeter model.

The Pro model is available from 469 euros and in the colors Black Titanium and Gray Titanium. In return, buyers get the watch in 45 millimeter format and with Bluetooth. If you also want LTE, you pay 519 euros.

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