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Samsung Electronics today introduced the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro. The new models support fitness and wellness routines with accessible insights, advanced functionalities and higher performance than the previous model. The Galaxy Watch5 follows people in everyday life, while the Galaxy Watch5 Pro – the latest addition to the Galaxy Watch series and Samsung’s most robust smartwatch with GPS capabilities – scores with ambitious athletes and outdoor fans. What they both have in common is the sophisticated sensor technology, which monitors fitness and can register sleep and make suitable training suggestions if desired. The new Galaxy Watches are made of high-quality materials and come in different sizes and colors.

The new Galaxy Watch5 models offer powerful sensor technology, personalized design and a rugged exterior.

Fine sensor technology

The Galaxy Watch5 is equipped with Samsung’s BioActive Sensor, which enables digital monitoring of body function values. The BioActive sensor, first used in the Galaxy Watch4 models, combines three powerful sensors on a single chip: optical heart rate, electrical heart signal and bioelectrical impedance analysis. The BioActive sensor can thus provide readings of heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even stress levels.1 In addition, blood pressure can2 measured and ECG3 created – right on your wrist.4 As of 2020, Samsung now offers these features in 63 markets worldwide.

With an increased surface area and more direct contact with the wrist compared to the previous model, the Galaxy Watch5 now records body function values ​​more accurately than the Galaxy Watch4. The 3-in-1 BioActive sensor works in combination with the other sensors in the Galaxy Watch5 series to provide users with a comprehensive image.

For physical well-being

Developed for everyday use, the Galaxy Watch5 offers a holistic experience – even beyond the evaluation of training data in the recovery and regeneration phases. Tool for measuring body composition5 provides a snapshot of overall health, supplemented by personalized training offers and progress tracking. During rest periods, the Galaxy Watch5 models provide recovery data, including post-exercise heart rate data6 with a high endurance component and individual recommendations for fluid intake based on the body’s own fluid loss.7

A good night’s sleep is important for well-being. Samsung Galaxy smartwatches also support here.8 To better understand your own sleep behavior, sleep results provide insight into the different sleep phases and snoring behavior9 and blood oxygen levels. Urene also offers personal sleep coaching10 with a sleep guide for a whole month. Through integration with the SmartThings platform, the Galaxy Watch5 controls lights, air conditioning and TV according to pre-programmed settings to create a more comfortable sleep environment11 to care. The improved fall detection also ensures that an emergency contact is notified if, for example, the user falls at home or falls out of bed.12

The Galaxy Watch5 has a 13 percent larger battery13 than the previous model and offers eight hours of sleep monitoring with just eight minutes of charging. This is 30 percent faster than the Galaxy Watch4. For the first time, the smartwatch display consists of sapphire glass, which is 60 percent harder14, which ensures greater robustness in everyday life. With Google Assistant, favorite songs can be played on demand. Users will soon be able to15 using Google Maps even without a smartphone connection16 orientate. SoundCloud and Deezer are also available.17
Using One UI Watch4.5, the device can also be operated more conveniently, typing is easier and making calls is easier.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro for ambitious outdoor enthusiasts

From hiking to cycling and more, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is well equipped thanks to its premium materials. The sapphire glass, which is stronger than the previous model, is even more resistant to wear and tear, and the robust titanium cover protects the display with its protruding edge. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro also comes with a brand new D-buckle sports band18 delivered that combines rugged durability with a good fit.

Rugged and durable, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro has the most powerful battery of any Galaxy Watch. It is 60 percent more powerful than the Galaxy Watch4. In addition, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is equipped with GPS functions for the first time, which is especially aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. With Route Workout, walking routes can be recorded and shared with walking friends in the Samsung Health app. It is also possible to download walking and cycling routes. With intuitive turn-by-turn instructions19 When cycling and walking, the view stays on the path and does not go to the map. With the track-back function, users can easily find their way back to where they started with the Galaxy Watch5 Pro.20

Prices and availability21

The Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro will be available for pre-order from August 10th and will be available in stores from August 26th.

The Galaxy Watch5, which is ideal as a daily companion, offers a modern and minimalist design and is available in the large 44mm variant in the colors Graphite, Sapphire and Silver. The smaller 40mm version is available in graphite, pink gold and silver. The prices of the Galaxy Watch5 start at 299 euros for the Bluetooth version and 349 euros for the LTE version (44 mm variants cost 329 euros and 379 euros respectively).

For adventurers who value resilience, performance and expressiveness, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the right choice. It is available in Black Titanium and Gray Titanium colors with a 45mm screen, with prices starting at €469 for the Bluetooth version and €519 for the LTE version.

Anyone looking to create their own watch can do so in the Galaxy Watch5 Bespoke Studio on Samsung.com22 do. With the large selection of models, sizes, colors and bracelets, up to 1,032 individual combinations are possible. Here, customers can put together their own personal watch. With the new sports bracelet, your own style can be emphasized with the Global Goals bracelet23 support for sustainability goals becomes visible.

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1 These features are intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. They are not intended to detect, diagnose or treat any disease or condition. Availability of these features may vary by market or device. Requires a Galaxy smartphone with Android 8.0 or later, 1.5GB of RAM or more, and the latest version of the Samsung Health app (version 6.22 or later).

2 The blood pressure function is only available in selected markets. To ensure accuracy, users should calibrate their device every four weeks using a traditional blood pressure cuff. The blood pressure app cannot diagnose high blood pressure or other medical conditions or check for signs of a heart attack. This app can only be used to measure people over the age of 22. It is not intended to replace conventional methods of diagnosis or treatment by a qualified physician.

3 The ECG function is only available in selected markets. The ECG app is not intended to replace traditional diagnostic or treatment methods. The ECG app is not intended for users with known cardiac arrhythmias (other than atrial fibrillation) or for users under the age of 22. Users should not interpret device results or take clinical action without consulting a qualified physician.

4 Due to market restrictions for medical device approval/registration, blood pressure and ECG will only work on watches and smartphones purchased in markets where the service is currently available (however, the service may be limited when users travel to countries where the service is not available ) . For more information and service market updates, visit

5 Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. It is not intended to detect, diagnose, treat, monitor or manage any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed via the Device and/or Application should not be construed as medical advice. Users should seek advice from a physician. Body composition should not be measured if a pacemaker or other medical device is implanted. Not even during pregnancy. Measurement results may be inaccurate for people under 20 years of age.

6 To measure, select the exercise before starting the workout.

7 To measure, first select ‘Running’ on the watch and then run at a minimum of 5 km/ten for at least 2.5 km. Outdoors only.

8 The sleep features are intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. They are not intended to detect, diagnose or treat any disease or sleep disorder. The measurements are for personal use only. Please consult a doctor for advice.

9 To record snoring, the watch must be worn while sleeping and the phone must be placed on a stable surface near the head, e.g. B. lying on a bedside table with the bottom of the phone facing the sleeper.

10 To obtain sleep behavior results, the user must wear the watch to sleep for at least 7 nights and complete a questionnaire.

11 Requires the latest versions of Samsung Clock Mobile App (v. or later), Samsung SmartThings Mobile App (v. or later) and SmartThings Framework Mobile App (v1.4.1 or later). Available on smart devices registered with SmartThings.

12 A network connection is required to notify an emergency contact. GPS accuracy can be affected by obstacles to the satellite signal, e.g. B. through buildings.

13 Compared to the Galaxy Watch4.

14 Compared to the Galaxy Watch4.

15 A network connection is required.

16 App availability may vary by market, operator or device. Subscription fees may apply to some apps.

17 App availability may vary by market, operator or device. Subscription fees may apply to some apps.

18 The device and tape must be kept away from magnetic fields. Magnetic stripe cards, including credit cards, phone cards or boarding passes, can be damaged by magnetic fields.

19 Delivered when a route file in GPX format for walking and cycling is imported and the route is specified as a destination in the Samsung Health settings.

20 This feature must be enabled in the Samsung Health settings when walking or cycling.

21 Availability may vary by market or operator. Supported models, colors, sizes and straps may vary by market or carrier.

22 Available on in select markets. The number of combinations available may vary from market to market.

23 Interchangeable watch straps sold separately.

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