“New Work. The future of work” from Monday on ZDF: repeat of the documentary on TV and online

On Monday (8/8/2022) there was “New Work. The future of work” on TV. You can find out here at news.de when and where you can watch the documentary as a repeat, whether it is only on TV or online in the media library.

On Monday (8/8/2022) “New work. The future of work” was broadcast on TV at 19:25. You have the shipment with you ZDF can’t watch, but still want to watch “New Work. The Future of Work”? Take a look at the ZDF media library. There you will find numerous TV reports after the broadcast online as video on demand for streaming. You can usually find the program in the media library after it has aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. ZDF shows “New Work. The future of work” but also again on TV: Am 10.8.2022 around 4:20.

“New Work. The future of work” on TV: That’s what the documentary is about

Self-determination and satisfaction in workshops and offices. New Work is more than home office, flexible or mobile work. Who benefits – and where are the limits of the new world of work? Finding power and a good internet connection all too often dictates Greta and Jan Navel’s daily route. The two travel the world in their van and are still employed. And they find that it can be quite stressful to sleep, cook, work and live in a confined space. The van must be constantly rearranged so that all areas can be used for leisure and work. Greta and Jan Navel are living the dream of many employees: As permanent employees, they have traveled around the world in a van for six months and do their work when and where it suits them: sometimes early in the morning at the camping table, sometimes in a café during the day or in a beach bar in the evening. They only have fixed telephone appointments with their employer once a week. Really a dream? “In principle yes, but of course this self-sufficient life sometimes costs energy. The work has to be done – even with an unstable network and bad weather,” admits Greta openly. In search of workers or simply to be able to keep up, many companies have set about and radically modernized their working time models. Also at the hotel: staff coordinator Tim Meckelholt sees his employee Annemarie less often than before, but longer. In “25hours Hotels” in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, all employees have the choice between the classic five-day model or the new four-day model – just with longer working hours. Since the news broke, the application rate has increased by 200 percent. “In times of skilled shortages (…) flexible working time models are a real competitive advantage,” said the personnel coordinator during the testing phase. Work-life blending instead of work-life balance – a model where work and private life become blurred: “If employees can integrate private things into their working day, it reduces their everyday stress and at the same time increases their loyalty to the company,” says the labor market expert. dr Daniel Detling. “Mixed working life can become a win-win situation for everyone.” At the mechanical engineering company Trumpf, they work with flexible working time accounts for everyone and consistent digitization of production processes. There is also an in-house daycare center, fitness studio, cleaning and ironing as well as health checks. And it’s also New Work: When a baker doesn’t have to be in the bakery at 2 a.m., but instead is scheduled to start work at 6 a.m. New working time models and better working conditions also help the bakery when looking for skilled workers. New Work does not necessarily mean more money and more free time. New Work stands much more for mobile, flexible and self-determined work, etc ed all advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has their say in the film: freedom-loving employees who work mobile from vans and companies that make this possible. Self-employed people following the sun with their laptops and companies trying to make work more attractive with modern space concepts, working time models and flattened hierarchies. And hotels that introduce new working time models in consultation with employees – and thus can score points when looking for staff. The world of work is entering a new level. (Source: ZDF, transmitted by FUNKE program sheets)

“New Work. The future of work” on TV: All information at a glance

repeat on: 10/8/2022 (4:20)

on: ZDF

production year: 2022

length: 50 minutes

HD: Yes

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