Top Eleven Football Manager: 11 brilliant tips!

Top Eleven football manager 2022 from Nordeus is very popular during the summer break, but also between matches in the Bundesliga, Cup, Champions League, Europa League and more. The title has always had millions of players.

Our 13 brilliant Top Eleven tips will give you the perfect start to your managerial career or give your season a boost – even if you’re a Top Eleven veteran. In the end, only victories, titles and, of course, collected millions count – without them, nothing works in Top Eleven football manager. Instead of juggling the ball, you juggle numbers here, and instead of shots on goal, there are contracts. Do it as star coach José Mourinho and steer your way from victory to victory.

If you start your management career in Top Eleven, you will be given a randomly selected team. Try to create the best team from this by letting your players play in their preferred position. It makes sense to save at least two different formations to be able to easily react to the opponents strengths, weaknesses and formation.

Make your strongest kicker the captain and leave the default situation to (hopefully) existing specialists. Also adapt the team’s tactics to your players’ strengths and the formation. It does, for example, For example, going for flankers is of little use if you don’t have any wingers and forwards with good headers on the pitch.

Use your budget wisely and don’t buy a top player, but rather some young talents. They are cheaper, usually develop better, and bring your team forward in the long term. Place your bids on the transfers just before the end and avoid bidding with other players. It only drives the price up.

Betting drives up prices

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Tip 3: Compare first, then bid

Investigate new players thoroughly before signing them. Look not only at the star rating, but also in detail at strengths and weaknesses under “Skills”, “Playstyle” and “Statistics”. Do they suit the position and your playing style? If you have flanking gods on the outside, there should also be a header monster waiting on the inside. You can also use the Versus button to compare them with your own players. Are they really a boost to your team and worth the money?


Tip 4: Enter into contracts smartly

Nothing happens without moss – this also applies to the Top Eleven football coach. Sponsorships and TV deals are a great way to generate revenue. The more successful you are in your career, the better offers you get. In addition, the contracts contain various bonuses, e.g. B. for the daily look into the game or wins achieved. Accept the sponsorship offers that best suit your playing style and give you the most value.


Tip 5: Invest wisely

Invest in your club premises. In our experience, it makes sense to invest in the “training” area first. This improves your players and generates recovery packs, so you might save yourself a transfer or two. Later, the stadium and the infrastructure such as fan shops and the like also had to be expanded to generate more income.


Tip 6: Create a youth academy

Instead of selling expensive players, you can simply recruit young talent. This is achieved by building a youth academy, although places are limited. It is therefore important to select the talents carefully in order to build the stars of tomorrow.


Tip 7: Training world champion

Trained your team regularly, but in doses, to continuously improve it. Put the training units together in such a way to suit your formation and team tactics and to eliminate weaknesses in a targeted way. If you e.g. B. likes to act on the outside, then you must train wing play and headers.

Individual training of healthy players is a good way to increase their skills in a targeted way – and thus your whole team. The remaining players can regenerate and regain their fitness. On the other hand, you should keep your hands from the fast training. This saves time, but the units are random here.

Training improves your team

Training improves your team

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Tip 8: Regeneration is a must

Do not overdo the exercise. This drains your players and lowers their fitness level. The result: in-game performance suffers and the risk of injury increases – and your chances of winning are reduced as a result!


Tip 9: Be a moralizer

Player morale is just as important as their stamina. Keep your players happy, e.g. B. with regular use – otherwise this causes performance loss. Of course, the easiest and fastest way to remove them is with the Morale Booster.

There are free tokens here

There are free tokens here

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Tip 10: And the bonus greets you every day

Log in to the game at least once a day to collect regular bonuses. These are not only available from your sponsors, but also as daily gifts. Because every virtual currency that you get for free takes you a little further in the game without having to invest real money or more time.

If you are willing to watch ads or refer friends, the game offers other ways to get free tokens (Shop -> Free Tokens).


Tip 11: Regular events

Under the menu item “Events” there are ongoing offers and campaigns. There you can B. Draw loan players who can help you in case of short-term injury absence. There are also various events and challenges that provide bonuses for successful completion.

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