Planet Fitness Share: The Next Big Hit!

What does RSI show for Planet Fitness?

The Relative Strength Index (also known as the Relative Strength Index, or RSI for short) is used in technical analysis to assess whether a stock is overbought or oversold. As a result, overbought stocks are more likely to see price declines in the short term, while oversold stocks are more likely to see price gains. For this point of analysis, we consider the 7-day and 25-day RSI for Planet Fitness. First, the RSI7 currently stands at 52.58 points, indicating that Planet Fitness is neither overbought nor oversold. This gives the security a “Hold” rating on the 7-day RSI. The 25-day RSI fluctuates less in comparison. Here too, Planet Fitness is neither overbought nor oversold (value 35.82), so the share also gets a “hold” rating for RSI25. Taken together, this gives Planet Fitness a “Hold” rating in this section.

Planet Fitness: Current price return is a weak point

Compared to the average annual performance of stocks from the same sector (“Consumer Discretionary”), Planet Fitness is more than 40 percent below with a return of 0.81 percent. The “hotel, restaurant and leisure industry” has an average return of 23.42 percent over the past 12 months. Here too, Planet Fitness is significantly lower with 22.61 per cent. This performance of the stock over the past year leads to a “sell” rating in this category.

What are the technical analysts saying?

A look at the technical development of a stock using the moving average can be used to determine the current trend of the security. Let’s look at the moving average of the closing price of Planet Fitness stock over the last 200 trading days. This value is currently USD 81.39. The last closing price ($79) is at a similar level (difference -2.94 percent). On this basis, we rate the stock as a “Hold” What does this calculation look like if you determine the moving average based on the last 50 trading days? For this value ($71.24), the latest close is above the moving average (+10.89 percent). In this case, the Planet Fitness stock is rated differently, namely a “buy” rating. The Planet Fitness stock therefore gets an overall “buy” rating for the simple chart technique.


What do investors think of Planet Fitness?

The evaluation of the rate of change in sentiment and the intensity of the discussion gives the following picture: There has been no significant trend in investor sentiment over the past month. Therefore, we rate this point with “Hold”. Let’s look at the intensity of the discussions in the past month. This provides information on whether a stock tends to get a lot or a little attention. The investors did not discuss the company significantly more or less than usual. This results in a “Hold” rating. This gives Planet Fitness stock a “hold” rating.

How do the analysts assess the situation?

Based on analysts’ long-term view, Planet Fitness stock will receive a Buy rating. Overall, the following valuations are available: 6 Buy, 2 Hold, 0 Sell. There are no analyst updates on Planet Fitness from the past month. Finally, the price target of the analysts is also interesting for the valuation of the stock as a whole. This settles to USD 108.13. That would give the stock a future performance of 36.87 percent as it currently costs $79. This development leads to a “Buy” rating. For the entire analyst assessment, we as editors give the overall assessment “Buy”.

Investors are in good spirits

Planet Fitness has been rated particularly positively by the predominantly private users on social media over the past two weeks. This is the conclusion our editors come to when they evaluate the various comments and queries about the word that have addressed this value in the last two weeks. In addition, predominantly positive topics related to value have been addressed in the past few days. In summary, we believe that investor sentiment at this level therefore warrants a buy rating. Therefore, measuring investor sentiment generates an overall “buy” rating.

Buy, hold or sell – your Planet Fitness analysis dated 06.08. gives the answer:

How will Planet Fitness develop now? Is an entry worth it, or should investors rather sell? Find out the answers to these questions and why you should act now in the latest Planet Fitness analysis.

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