Didn’t get NFL tickets for the game in Munich? This is the best alternative

  • According to Ticketmaster, the NFL could have sold over 3 million tickets for the Germany game
  • Tickets are currently available at exorbitant prices on relevant platforms
  • With ELF and an NFL trip, there are two good alternatives for football fans

On Tuesday at ten, the NFL dream of playing in Munich burst for many fans. A waiting list place of more than 50,000 was usually the end of any hopes of visiting the Allianz Arena in November. But there are alternatives – it’s not about completely overpriced tickets on dubious platforms, but a cheaper trip to the USA or a visit to a match in the European League of Football in August. Because it has developed into an impressive sports league.

A little over a year ago, a few days before the start of the league, it was not clear to some ELF teams whether the helmets would arrive on time, whether the stadiums were really approved, and it was a mystery how many spectators the authorities would actually allow. i. The first season felt like a temporary test run with eight franchises and a result that was difficult to judge. Each team did their best to create a competitive roster and a fun product with whatever means they could.

ELF as an alternative to the NFL match in Munich

But the final match between reigning champions Frankfurt Galaxy and Hamburg Sea Devils was a more than fantastic end to the first season. Commissioner Patrick Esume and CEO Zeljko Karajica had shown that national football in Europe and especially in Germany has much more potential than national leagues such as the GFL have exploited over the years.

Half of the second season has now been played and ELF has developed further: at the top there is a sporting three-way between the previously undefeated newcomers from Austria, the Vienna Vikings, the Spanish squad factory with its own campus but many young talents, the Barcelona Dragons and the runner-up from Hamburg, who has set himself the goal of bringing the championship to the Hanseatic city this year. All three teams can beat each other and are currently a long way ahead of the rest of the competition.

Football players are extremely important as role models

The stars of the league are no longer just the American import players who, with better education in high school and college, still dominated the league the first year, but European stars such as the two German starting quarterbacks Jan Weinreich in Cologne and Salieu Ceesay in Hamburg, the British running back Glen Toonga, who currently has the most rushing yards of any player in the league, or wide receiver Robin Wilczek, who transferred from the GFL to the Berlin Thunder from the Dresden Monarchs before the start of the season. These are players who become immensely important as role models for the sport.

Anyone who loves the NFL and is counting down the weeks until the season kicks off in mid-September should make one of the ELF locations in August a destination. Hot meetings in the Lila-Hölle in Frankfurt, the fiery Schauinslandreisen-Arena at the Rheinfire in Duisburg or the Hoheluft-Arena in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, filled to the last seat, are at least as much fun as an NFL game from a dizzying height for a huge chunk of money with the uncertainty due to the seller’s lack of seriousness.

If you really want to see NFL action, I would recommend a trip to the US. The hotels in Munich are getting obnoxiously expensive, the game could be a real one-sided affair due to the Seattle Seahawks’ roster rebuilding, and Tom Brady may finally have reached the late fall of his career this season. A self-selected home game for your favorite US team is much more exciting, and the money is much better invested in a vacation with an NFL highlight.

I’m going to fly to Dallas with a friend at the start of the season to watch the Dallas Cowboys play the Bucs in their first game, then enjoy a college game between Sebastian Vollmers and Patrick Mahomes’ ex-team, and then the first Catch Thursday Night Football action at Arrowhead Stadium between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. I’m looking forward to that even more than the match in Munich in November. There I experience the real fan culture and football as we know it from television. It will be really cool!

If you want to experience something like this, then the football trip with Niko Backspin and our veteran Florian Kaiser might be something for you. There is more information here.

To person: Daniel Jensen produces digital sports content professionally and has been in front of the microphone as host of Footballerei since 2020. His love for football began during an exchange year in Kansas. His book “Patrick Mahomes – The Incredible Story of the NFL Superstar” will be released on September 6, 2022. He reports weekly here on the first NFL game in Germany in November.

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