Co-skipper on TG Hanau is vice-European champion

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Of: Julia Meiss


Proud Hanau delegation: The entourage of rope skippers from TG Hanau around the European vice-champion Lea Thiel (back row, third from left) proved strong at the EC in Slovakia. © TG Hanau

To break the German record twice and become vice-European champion: For Lea Thiel from TG Hanau, the European Championship in Rope Skipper in Bratislava, Slovakia, was an extremely successful affair. Her seven teammates also performed well in the competition against the European competition.

Hanau – The 23-year-old mathematics, geography and art student teacher entered the Single Rope Speed ​​​​Endurance competition with a good feeling, for which she had big plans. In this discipline, as many jumps as possible must be made in three minutes. Only right foot jumps are counted. “I was quite well prepared, even though I had my exam at the university before the EC. In training I broke the German record several times, so it was my goal to break the record at the EC,” says the native of Hanau, who now lives in Frankfurt, where she studied.

Since records can only be set at official events such as the EC, Lea Thiel had to be focused and fit. And the student delivered. In the first round, Lea Thiel broke the German record with 468 points. “I was super happy there. And then I also managed to qualify,” the Hanau native was one of the top six after the preliminary round, who again competed in the final the following day. That the last competition only took place one day later, and therefore there was almost no time for regeneration, made Lea Thiel nervous in advance. The 23-year-old got her nerves under control and benefited from her good condition. After all, the student teacher trains four times a week at TG Hanau Rope Skipping and works also on his strength once a week in a fifth unit in the gym.

So she was able to improve on her performance from the previous day. The result: to break the German record set the day before and to win the Vice-EC. With 471 points – i.e. jumping with the right foot – Lea Thiel now holds the German record for single rope speed endurance.

The student, who started jumping rope at TG Hanau at the age of seven, has already set his sights on his next long-term goal. The World Championships in Colorado/USA await next year. There is a long way to go, because Lea Thiel qualifies for the Hessian Championship and German Championship. Because she started at the EC, she has already cleared the hurdle of the district championships and now enters the state championships. “If the successes are there, I wouldn’t rule out starting in Colorado,” the 23-year-old is still cautiously optimistic. Their coaches are full of praise: “Lea prepared very diligently and ambitiously for these three minutes and showed that hard continuous training is rewarded,” say Chantal Temerson and Sindi Sina.

The latter was also in action at the EC and started together with Mareen Bär, Liv Sallander and Lilith Schultheiss on the team. The starters at this year’s German team championships in Hanau proved that this team can be extremely successful, where they became German vice team champion. In the parade discipline 1×60 seconds Double Dutch Speed, the women from Hanau finished fourth. It is a success, because the corona virus thwarted the TGH skippers’ plans in preparation for the competition. In a speed discipline and with a double Dutch, the team also made it to the final.

Max Weber from Hanau, who had his nerves well under control, celebrated his international premiere at the EC. In the 30-second speed discipline, the TGH jumper missed the bronze medal by one jump and had to settle for fourth place. He was also awarded fourth place for his freestyle. The duo Louisa Gotta and Julia Hegermann started with plenty of international experience, but the stress of high school in their bones. They placed seventh in pairs freestyle.

Coach Chantal Temerson talks about an exhausting, but also extremely successful week at the EC and is already looking forward to the 2023 season, when the two skippers in TG Hanau will make an exclamation point again.

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