American football: Toonga saves weak Sea Devils – fear of Nanguy

American football

Toonga saves weak Sea Devils – fear of Nanguy

He was still fit then: Giovanni Nanguy (left) against Istanbul’s Taha Cokadar.

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Linebacker from the Hamburg ELF team is seriously injured in the 29:26 victory against Istanbul. Four touchdowns for running back.

Hamburg. He was taken to the nearby Eppendorf University Hospital to the tune of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. And even though it had looked worse after the 45-minute injury break, it could Giovanni Nanguy, while being pushed into the ambulance on the pitch in the Hoheluft stadium, made it abundantly clear. The French linebacker that Hamburg Sea Devilswho is at 29:26 (0:0, 0:17, 13:0, 10:6, 6:3) wins after overtime against the Istanbul Rams in a tackle 2:22 before halftime, he gave up the thumb.

His wife and young daughter, who had still been pushing their father, who was fixed on his back, applauded like the 3,200 spectators when the 32-year-old arrived at the clinic. The initial diagnosis was concussion, more detailed investigations should follow. After the victory, the team was already on the phone with the injured man.

American football: Sea Devils coach warned against opponents

It was an incident that underscored that victory or defeat takes second place when a protagonist’s health is at risk. Sport is only a small matter, and on Sunday the performance of the Hamburg team from the European American Football League ELF was far from being the most beautiful small matter in the world. However, the game had to be divided into two halves: one before and one after Nanguy’s accident.

In the first half, the audience could hardly believe their eyes. Sea Devils head coach Charles Jones had warned that the visitors from Turkey would have little in common with the team that had been completely overwhelmed three weeks ago at 0:70 in the first leg. With American Isaiah Green, signed from Serbia’s top league by the Kragujevac Wild Boars, a new quarterback controls the Rams’ game – and with a quality immediately evident in his 39-yard pass to the receiver, who has also strengthened. Yilmaz tipped Berk Güven, which led to the visitors’ first touchdown.

The Sea Devils show a reaction in the second half

Nevertheless, it was the hamburgers themselves who had to attribute to themselves the half-time result 0:17. The O-Line offered quarterback Salieu Ceesay and running back Glen Toonga for some protection. Ceesay, who appeared to be recovering from harsh criticism earlier in the season, also made the wrong decisions too often, his passes were inaccurate, he held the ball too long and didn’t move well enough. Furthermore, there were unfamiliar gaps in the hitherto strong defence; Rams cornerback Atilla Isik used one after an interception for a 67-yard touchdown run.

However, the half-time break helped the hosts regroup. The defense around the aggressive leader Kasim Edebali now put significantly more pressure on Green. First, Toonga put an 18-yard run into the end zone two minutes after the restart, then the Brit scored his second touchdown with a 1-yard run on fourth down.

Number three followed on another run and a field goal from kicker Eric Schlomm, which Istanbul countered with a field goal of their own at 23:23. Overtime would decide, and there, after the visitors set up a field goal, Glen Toonga finally became the game-winner again with his fourth touchdown run of the game – his 16th overall to surpass 1,000 yards.

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