Personal training guarantees maximum effect

Are you off to a good start and still only celebrating half successes? Are you just starting out and don’t know how to approach your fitness project? Or do you lack the motivation to get started? If at least one of these 3 scenarios sounds familiar to you, you should make new acquaintances as soon as possible: with your individual training plan.

Let’s be honest: you can win, but you can also lose in fitness training: the first point means muscle mass and good posture, the second point means unnecessary extra kilos and the resulting health problems. You must have had in mind for a long time what profit or loss you have planned. But if you still lack the right strategy to implement this project, individual coaching can help. In the following text you will find out what is behind it and why you should not accelerate without gas. Spoiler: No time, no gym membership and no money are no excuses!

What exactly is personal training?

The term is not protected in Germany, what is meant below is: A service that aims to become fitter, stronger, slimmer and healthier through cardio training for a previously defined period of time. The crucial difference between the group workout or the solo dumbbell number is: A coach makes sure that you only do what brings you closer to your goal during the workout. Wasting time is a thing of the past.

Our Coaching Zone Trainer Dorothee Günther explains: “Thanks to the personal trainer’s expert knowledge, much faster and maximum success is possible in a much shorter time.” Of course, it is nice to weigh one to two kilos less in 6 weeks. But with the right plan, 3 to 4 kilos would have been possible in 6 weeks. The success of personal training is also documented in studies (eg here, here and here). Here we explain why it is so effective.

How effective is individual training?

Much. To be precise: many times more effective than anything you have done to date. Maybe you’ve been playing sports for years because you enjoy it. You try this, test that and are actually totally active. But you still can’t see the body you want in the mirror? Well, the truth is that only targeted training will get you where you want to be. It also doesn’t help to get into the car without a plan, to be on the road for hours only to find out that you don’t get where you wanted to go. Individual training is your personal fitness navigation system.

The emphasis is on “your”. Because the path that works for you may be a dead end for your best friend or friend. After all, everyone has a different story and different preferences. Every body is different. And every head too: squats or push-ups are not always among the preferred movements. But if they dominate the training schedule, it can quickly lead to frustration and capitulation. That’s why everyone needs an individual plan that takes into account what fits into their life – and what doesn’t.

How do I recognize good personal trainers?

Like the concept of personal training, the training of a personal trainer is not protected in this country. It therefore makes sense to look carefully when you make your choice, for example on the coach’s personal website. What license does he or she have and from which institute was it obtained? Do you attend regular courses? Of course, recommendations from good friends or relevant media are also useful.

Personal trainer Dorothee Günther suits us so well because she combines the best of a perfect trainer in one person: As a former competitive athlete, she knows what it means to have goals in mind and consistently achieve them. She has established her experience through double studies in fitness training and scores with her motivating way of getting everything out of her counterpart.

Dorothee Günther also works as a sports model and is aware of the importance of perfect proportions. Personally, the fitness trainer trains functionally and a lot with his own body weight in order to stay in shape for everyday life and to be able to move as freely as possible. You can find more information about Dorothee here

Leon Troster

Personally, fitness trainer Dorothee Günther trains functionally and a lot with her own body weight in order to stay in shape for everyday life and to be able to move as freely as possible.

Like any good trainer, she is clear: Trainers must not only keep an eye on your fitness level, but also know what your lifestyle looks like and be able to respond to you. Do you have a lot of stress? How much time can you free up for your training? All of this should flow into the coaching zone when you create your training plan. After all, only the plan based on your life really works – and not the other way around.

How does individual coaching work?

In the training zone, of course according to plan: First you fill in a detailed questionnaire. In addition to information about yourself, your training level and your goals, you can also specify how long your plan should last. In the standard version, we follow you on your fitness journey for 6 weeks. If you want to optimize your training in the long term, we offer twice the period for a price advantage. After 7 working days at the latest, you will have your personal goal-in-sight plan in your pocket.

Then you can start with the big wins and the equally big losses, you know! Dorothee Günther, who also shows you the exercises, emphasizes: “Individual training offers the customer exclusive support, with personal attention to the customer’s needs and wishes. In addition, there is a certain flexibility in relation to training time and location.” So you can start early in the morning or at sunset at home, in the park, the gym or the conference room, which takes a lot of stress and pressure and only lets you give up if you’re back at the post office.

Who is a personal training plan suitable for?

Rather, the question should be: For whom not? After all, everyone wants to stay in shape forever and always get the best out of their body. More definition, more muscle building, more weight loss – and all this, if desired, without equipment, easily and conveniently from home via online training.

But perhaps there is one target group for which the individual training plan is particularly suitable: the supporters of the weaker self. “The motivation to really do it this time and keep at it is many times higher when a personal trainer is behind it. In addition, it generates the extra push to get you out of your comfort zone and make you more efficient,” says Dorothee Günther, looking back on more than 10 years of experience as a personal coach.

How do I get in touch with my personal trainer?

Close. You can always chat with your trainer if you have any questions or problems. It can always happen that you no longer want to do an exercise and need a replacement. Or you suddenly feel totally drained and don’t know how to get out of it. A little tip from the coach is often enough to get you back on track. In any case, it’s good to hear from someone that you’re doing everything right.

How much does personal training cost?

As so often in life, the answer is: It depends. On the one hand, how long you would like to benefit from your individual training, on the other hand, whether you would like to have nutritional knowledge at hand in addition to your recommendations for strength and endurance. It starts from €20 per week, you can find all the prices here at a glance.

Conclusion: Individual coaching leads you to the desired body

Take a personal goal, a fixed time in the near future, and mix it with years of expertise from excellent trainers – and the secret to success for an enviable body is ready! Alias ​​​​our individual plans, made for you!

With personal training and the right nutrition, your fitness program can be perfectly tailored to you, your goals and your life. Significant results appear almost by chance. Treat yourself!

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