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Tight on the pitch, now also tight in the Østhallen: The Pointers will also play there in the future. Photo: Schepp © Schepp

Pour. League two, league three, league four. Basketball fans in Giessen will have a lot to offer in the 2022/23 season. Namely ProA with the 46ers, ProB with the Pointers and the Regionalliga Südwest with the Academy of the 46ers, who took over the license for Rackelos, who were active as a farm team for the Bundesliga team in the third highest German league for five years.

So far so good! But who works with whom? Are there collaborations? Who plays their games where? Who trains where? How do the schedules align? Sebastian Schmidt (36), CEO and sporting director of the 46ers, Dirk Schäfer (52), managing director of the Pointers since July 1, and Sherman Lockhart (40), sporting director of the basketball academy, try to clear things up, but cannot hide them either , that everything is far from dry and that problems are still lurking.

Why did the 46ers pull their second team from the ProB?

Purely for economic reasons. “Having two independent teams in ProA and ProB makes no sense, financially or sportingly,” admits Sebastian Schmidt, whose club have to tighten their belts after being relegated from the upper house.

Is it possible to play double right again?

There will be, but at the moment it’s only in the back of the main character’s mind. “We are in exchange for the points. If necessary, we will even recruit players who are interesting for the Gießen location and then give them more licenses,” says Schmidt. Dirk Schäfer sees things differently: “Our squad is in place , we don’t need anyone anymore. I don’t see anyone at the moment that would make sense to replace them.”

The situation is different with the composition of the academy, for which both the 46ers and the Pointers provide actors. Sebastian Schmidt: “In the regional league, a team that mainly consists of young people from the Bundesliga starts. And with the transition to the academy as a registered association, we want to create an even closer bond in this regard. We would like to offer a stable foundation with the desired permeability for the promotion of young people. Each organization is self-sufficient, but we work closely together to give young German basketball players the best possible platform for them to discover and deepen their potential.” Sherman Lockhart, the academy’s sports director, also talks about an exchange. “Three of our guys are going to work out with the Pointers, maybe two with the 46ers. Discussions are underway.”

Where do the three teams train?

That is what is at stake, because all three have been drawn to the east hall. The 46ers from 6 to 8 p.m., the Pointers from 8 to 10 p.m. The academy also got hold of an agreement, which was an organizational challenge for Lockhart: “We pushed hard by hook or by crook to be able to train at least once when we play.” Otherwise, the national league squad will be in the Brothers Grimm School in Klein-Linden furnished accommodation.

Where do the teams play their home games?

Also everyone in the east hall. As Sebastian Schmidt and Dirk Schäfer jointly emphasized, there were no problems with the schedule. When the 46ers play at home, the Pointers are challenged overseas, with one exception.

The men of the new coach “Frenki” Ignjatovic usually play on Saturdays at In between, the national league squad is looking for a place, which will usually fall on a Saturday. The regional league’s general program does not allow playing on Fridays, playing on Sundays is problematic because almost all dates clash with those of the youth teams.

What logistics are necessary for several teams to play their matches in the east hall?

This topic literally cries out for disagreements, so the city of Gießen has asked everyone involved to come to the eastern sports hall for an on-site meeting on August 17. To clarify how to deal with the following topics: balls, basket systems, floors, LED strips, advertising, catering, storage, VIP rooms, set-up and take-down.

Dirk Schäfer reiterates that “we do not see ourselves as competitors with the 46ers, we want peaceful coexistence.” The former spokesman for the Bundesliga hall also makes it clear: “The city wanted us to train and play in the east hall. And she gave us permission to do it. So we are not applicants, but equal partners.”

Sebastian Schmidt emphasizes: “Each team has its own equipment. It will be a logistical challenge for everyone.” Which becomes clear with the example of the hall floor. ProA is based on the upper house, so the parquet must be laid separately. Newcomers Giessen Pointers in ProB will meanwhile use the Østsalsgulvet, where school sports also take place.

When will all three teams start the upcoming seasons?

Gießen 46ers kicks off on Saturday 1 October (7pm) with a guest appearance in Bremerhaven. For the first time in front of their home crowd, they will play Artland Dragons on Sunday 9 October (4pm). As discussed, i.e. almost exactly congruent, only reversed, the Gießen Pointers start the 2022/23 season. On Saturday 1 October they host Lok Bernau at 20:00 at the Osthalle before traveling to BSW Sixers, an association of three clubs from Saxony-Anhalt, on Sunday 9 October (16:00). The exact regional league schedule for the junior academy is not yet public. But Sherman Lockhart reveals: “Saturday, September 17, we have to leave first.”

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