Green light for planned construction project on the Pfunder site in Muellheim – Muellheim

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The “Magnet” project, which is important in terms of urban development, is moving again: The municipal board has now approved the development plan – primarily because the investor is now a different person.

An important urban development project for Müllheim, which was recently put on hold, is now moving forward again: It is about the planned multi-storey residential and commercial building with striking architecture on the Pfunder grounds opposite the media centre. After a new investor has been found there, the municipal council has now also approved the project-specific development plan for this project.

The building can also be used by a fitness center

“Magnet” – this is still the project name for the planned construction project on the site of the former Pfunder car dealership in Müllheim, which was presented for the first time in 2017. A six-storey mixed-use building is to be built on the roundabout between Schwarzwaldstraße and Nussbaumallee – gastronomy, retail , offices, medical practice, possibly a gym and apartments are all planned. Architecturally, emphasis should be placed on this exposed location with the barracks area, the schools and the media center in the neighborhood.

The municipal boards doubted the previous investor’s solvency

However: So far, the project has had a repulsive rather than an attractive effect on the Müllheim municipal council. Both the concept and the architectural implementation were well received by the committee right from the start. However, there were doubts about the previous investor’s financial capacity. Fears were raised that he might overdo it and leave the city with a ruined building. Although the investor resolutely countered these fears, asserting its solvency and providing various guarantees in an implementation agreement, such as documentation of financing from banks and settlement commitments, the majority of the Müllheim council was not convinced. The implementation contract was rejected in April 2021, so the associated development plan and thus the entire project was put on hold.

A decisive turning point was the result of changes in the investor’s corporate structure. In June this year, the Swiss Georg Dürr took over 89 percent of the shares in the former Pebako Wohnkultur Nussbaumallee GmbH and changed the name to Magnet BCM GmbH. Dürr is also the CEO of this company. Almost nothing changed in the project and its general conditions. Dürr was willing to enter into the already existing implementation agreement – ​​also with its various obligations for the property developer. The advice was fine. With one vote against, he gave the green light for the city to sign the contract with the new investor.

In the second step, the committee approved the project-related development plan for the project at its last meeting before the summer holidays – also with one vote against. Before then, the objections received from the publication, which had already taken place in the summer of 2020, were explained again. It became clear that, although there were no significant objections from the so-called representatives of public affairs, the project apparently meets resistance in parts of the neighborhood.

The administration does not follow the objections from the neighborhood

In any case, private objectors submitted an impressive list that reads almost like a sample catalog of concerns about construction projects: They ranged from basic objections to the dimensions and shape of the construction project, fears of traffic, noise and light problems and doubts about it. economic viability of using the term to refer to a threat to birds and bats. However, the administration has not followed these objections when weighing the opinions.

Finally, the group of ALM/De Grønne suggested that the administration should influence the investor that at least parts of the facade of the planned building should be greened. Mayor Martin Löffler left it open to the extent possible within the framework of the current architectural concept.

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