Are gyms allowed to open? The basic decision about indoor sports is fixed

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State Secretary of Health Klaus Holetschek explained that indoor sports in Bavaria are now banned. © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa

In a ruling, a court in Munich overturned the lockdown rule that required gyms to close. The Bavarian state government responded with a fundamental decision.

  • Are gyms allowed to open during Corona lockdown? A court decision on Thursday (November 12) caused some confusion.
  • The state government responded that evening. Indoor sports in the Free State should be banned completely.
  • In our news sticker, we will keep you updated on further developments.

Update from 13 November at 13:11: Of Bavarian State Sports Association (BLSV) have prohibit of indoor sports in Bavaria (see update 13 November at 07:26) sharply criticized. “From our point of view, this decision is a short-term measure without a goal and sends a wrong signal in these difficult times. We have no understanding of this hasty measure – the public spirit of our athletes, sports clubs and sports associations is seething,” explained BLSV president Jörg Ammon on Friday.

that Health of the athletes is still a top priority for the association. “Still, the Bavarian should state government immediately reconsider this decision,” Ammon recommended. According to BLSV, the decision was made “surprisingly and without preparation” on Thursday evening.

Update from 13 November at 07:26: Because of corona pandemic As of today (Friday, November 13), almost everyone will stay indoor sports fields in Bavaria closed. Only school and professional sports remain admissible as per government directions. The measure is one reaction in Bavarian Administrative law: This one certainly had fitness centre allowed to open again.

Secretary of Health Klaus Holetschek (CSU) said in an interview with the German Press Agency (dpa) on Thursday evening that you only have one decision is preferred, “which Bayern would have proposed anyway at the next prime minister’s conference next Monday”. The government withdrew from this with the decision to close indoor sports facilities for private and individual sports Judgment by the Bavarian Administrative Court reopening from fitness centre his Basis. It said that, due to the principle of equality, gyms should be allowed to reopen if indoor sports facilities were also open.

After the verdict on the opening of fitness studios: Bayern will close all indoor sports facilities from Friday

With measure do you want to do that comply with the judgmentsays Holetschek – right in opposite way. “Of infection protection and the health of our citizens has absolute priority,” Holetschek said. The current infection process do not allow relaxations such as opening the gym at this time.

First report from November 12: Munich – In the flow corona-Pandemic and especially during the current one shutdown– Light there are relatively few leisure activities that provide distraction. One rule in particular caused a lot of problems for a lot of people: Also fitness centre had to close their doors again. But this rule has now been overturned by the Bavarian Administrative Court in Munich.

According to the judgment, the rule regarding fitness centre against the principle of equal treatment. The Bavarian administrative court based in Munich then gave that urgent request one owner one fitness centre took place partially and suspended the regulation in the current Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance. It completely prohibits the operation of fitness studios.

Corona verdict in Munich: lockdown rule for fitness studios overturned

The owner went to court with several arguments: According to this, extensive hygiene measures would have been taken. In addition, gyms did not appear as a source of infection for Corona. For the judges, however, the most important argument was that yoga studios, for example, were allowed to stay open South German newspaper writes.

In its decision, the Senate assumed that fitness studio owners would be disadvantaged by this regulation without objective justification, a judicial spokesman said. The court therefore assessed the complete closure of gyms as disproportionate.

According to the Corona Regulation, which has been in force since November 2nd, leisure sports facilities in Bavaria may only be used for individual sports and only by yourself, in pairs or together with members of your own household. The judges found that this regulation must also apply to gyms.

Corona bang: Will gyms reopen after a court ruling?

The judges refused to suspend the remaining restrictions on leisure and individual sports. The current
Infection justifies these restrictions for reasons of protection of life and health. This means that the operation of fitness centers is only possible to a very limited extent, says VGH. However, the court gave no precise information on the extent to which operations would now be possible again.

Therefore, the employers’ association for German fitness and health facilities initially expressed reservations. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung you want to check the decision first. Multiple people in a room are probably still not allowed. Therefore, nothing changes, especially for larger fitness studios. It is therefore not profitable to open the doors here. (dpa/rjs)

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