“The price is hot”: Probably the longest advertising in the world

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  • A turbo-capitalism show during a turbo-inflation is not really connected.
  • But even in episode two of “The Price is Hot,” the audience is in ecstasy over all the advertising junk.
  • The most important thing is that there is a car at the end.

“Hands to heaven, come let’s be happy.” Somehow, it’s this drunken Oktoberfest song-with-hit that’s instantly present once you’ve got the first few minutes of the new edition of “Der Preis isthot” (RTL and RTL +) behind you. People everywhere lifting their arms as if there was a redemptive deodorant to be found there that could cool the ecstatic mood of the studio to a level that was tolerable in terms of odor. Only one sentence brings salvation: “Marion, you are with!” Anyone who grew up with early German private television has heard it a thousand times.

He was shaped by Harry Wijnvoord’s sidekick in “The Price Is Hot”: Walter Freiwald. He’s not in the reboot. He died of cancer three years ago. Thorsten Schorn, who is no less enthusiastic, now takes over his life role as barker. Success: The first edition of “The price is hot” achieved a market share of 17.1 percent among the only viewers aged 14 to 49 who spoke to RTL. Most of them are probably too young to have seen the original between 1989 and 1997.

The new edition of “The price is hot” failed

No one knows exactly why “The price is hot” again works on television. In 2010, presenter Harry Wijnvoord started a signature drive to bring the show back. She did not return. In 2017, RTL took pity and shot new episodes – without Harry Wijnvoord, with Wolfram Kons as moderator. Thorsten Schorn was already by his side at the time. The new edition flopped, as did the experiments “Ruck Zuck”, “Das Glücksrad”, “Das Familienduell” and “Jeopardy!” to revive.

After two years of the corona pandemic and a war in Europe, everything looks different. Consensus in times of crisis is clear: “Everything was better in the past”. TV’s response to this mood: the best of the eighties, nineties and just nothing from today. “Bet that …?” is back, like “Seven Days, Seven Heads”, “Go All In” and countless other formats. Even “Judge Barbara Salesch” wants to relaunch RTL. Have we not suffered enough?

“Harry! Harry! Harry!”

Obviously not. Therefore, the second episode of the eternal infomercial “Price is Hot” hardly differs from the first. And certainly not from the 1873 editions of the original. This is because Harry Wijnvoord uses the same phrases as in 1989, and Thorsten Schorn sticks to his predecessor Walter Freiwald’s phrases. Audience reaction: sheer hysteria. As soon as Wijnvoord arrives, there are standing ovations and the spectators sing: “Harry! Harry! Harry!”

This is how it will remain for the next two hours. The first candidate, Ingrid, only knows Valium from the dictionary and cheers and shouts at the entrance to a Vespa, as if someone has just told her about the cure for cancer. Until she finds out she has not won yet. No problem, one of the show’s unspoken rules: even those who win the biggest junk keep laughing and jumping happy. Ingrid beams and does not go home with a Vespa but with a basketball hoop.

Last year a new episode of “Wetten, dass ..?” aired. And recently, the cult show “7 Days, 7 Heads” has celebrated its big comeback. In addition, the shows “The price is hot” and “The 100,000 mark show” will return in 2022. We would also like to see these iconic TV shows again.

The most important thing is a car

Not everyone manages to keep their posture so perfect. Michael stands in front of a Piaggio Ape, the loud rattling Italian classic three-wheeled engine, and makes a face. Then he saves himself and suffocates: “Nice thing”. Others do better. As one of the prizes drove into the studio, admiring mumble wafted through the room. It is – a painting set by Bob Ross. The late TV artist whose hairstyle would probably be ostracized as cultural appropriation today. This is only available with “The price is hot”.

Then as now, real ecstasy only arises among the candidates when there is a car to win. According to studies, young Germans are becoming less and less obligated to own their own car, but if the price is the right one, all is well with the world. One car after the next rolls into the studio. It is as if “The price is hot” will restructure the automotive industry on its own. The biggest feeling: an SUV. It stands there flashing, and candidate Margot turns bright red, waving air. In “Verflixte 7” she must of course estimate the price. She’s wrong – the Skoda keeps blinking lonely.

“Do not outbid!”

Luckily for her, there are more than enough other vehicles on the show. On “The Wheel !!!” (only genuine with as many pronounced exclamation marks as possible !!!) Margot wins a small car. The rest are not so lucky. Monty will soon receive a jukebox from the shipping company, Jessy a hot tub. In the final round, everyone gets nothing. The candidate Marina is the closest. But what is the show’s mantra: “Don’t beat it!” Marina misjudges with 18 euros.

She can comfort herself with her electric car from the initial round. A little concession to modernity. She sits behind the wheel with tears of joy. She did it! A car! The jackpot on “The prize is hot”! Apparently, no one told her that the Opel Rocks-e is not a car at all, but a light vehicle. A kind of four-wheel e-moped. Top speed: 45 km / h. But that does not matter at the moment. The most important thing is that the rolling cube is brand new.

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