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The first tournament week of Wimbledon’s “Holy Lawn” is coming to an end.

For betting pro Dirk Raczkowski (34) from “Sports Betting No. 7”, it’s again a big event, which he analyzes down to the last straw.

After the successful Grand Slam tournaments last year, the tennis expert failed this time at Wimbledon. But now Raczkowski wants to turn things around.

Here are the three bets for Saturday!

Van de Zandschulp-Gasquet

Raczkowski: “Gasquet advanced against McDonald in the last round without playing well himself. McDonald made just too many easy mistakes, especially with the big points. Gasquet said thank you and is now in the third round, which we think is finally over.

The best times are long after Gasquet, at the age of 36, his career is slowly but surely coming to an end. His physical condition is now a real problem, which is a major drawback to most players. Right now with two best-of-five matches under his belt, Gasquet may be missing a few percent today. Even against McDonald, it was remarkable that he often just let the fights go at 30: 0 or 40:15. Then he will no longer invest very much and thus save energy. We see that as a good chance today, because if Van de Zandschulp leads 4-1 or 5-2, Gasquet can just give away and concentrate on the next set.

In addition, we also see Van de Zandschulp clearly ahead in terms of play. Unlike Gasquet, he has already beaten three good players in the grass season with Ruusuvuori, Davidovich Fokina and Dimitrov. He now won over Ruusuvuori in the second round of Wimbledon 3-6 6-1 6-4 6-4. After being behind in a set, we won with ease and already covered today’s handicap of -4.5 against a much stronger player than Gasquet. Van de Zandschulp’s baseline shot is generally much faster than Gasquet’s and he has the more dangerous serve. Gasquet will again primarily focus on his more variable play and hope he can provoke a few mistakes again. Van de Zandschulp should make much less out of it than McDonald, so he should win most rallies.

Due to the playful and physical advantages, we can well imagine that the Dutchman goes quite clearly into the next round. You can play a difference of five games with three winning sets in a wide variety of ways, especially if Gasquet really had to give something away in the meantime. “

Recommendation: Van de Zandschulp -4.5 games – at odds of 1.90. The bet wins if van de Zandschulp wins at least five more games in total.

Dirk Raczkowski makes a living from his income from sports betting and selling his tips on the internetFoto: Foto: Michael Kreft

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Dirk Raczkowski makes a living from his income from sports betting and selling his tips on the internetPhoto: Photo: Michael Kreft

De Minaur-Broady

Raczkowski: “De Minaur has played a very strong tournament so far. First the expected clear victory (6: 1 6: 3 7: 5) against Dellien and in the second round then a 3: 1 against a good and strong Jack Draper. The first two sets against Draper were still completely open, but from the third set it was almost a one-way street and Draper was completely overrun. De Minaur simply scraped everything out again and Draper simply could not keep up with the level and had to be torn down.

Although De Minaur’s play is not offensive, it can still be incredibly dominant and intimidating for many players. Due to his return strength and his defensive abilities, he hardly allows easy points, you have to win many points double and triple against him. Especially weaker or inexperienced players often break down at some point, because as soon as they spread something, it quickly looks black towards the Australian.

Broady is a notch below Draper on paper. Above all, his serve is a lot less dangerous and he has a pretty high error rate. In the tournament so far, he has 111 unforced errors. If, on the one hand, you do not earn as well and on the other hand tend to make an above-average error rate, you will find it incredibly difficult against De Minaur in the long run. Because then your own weaknesses meet exactly the opponent’s strengths (return + defensive).

Since De Minaur breaks more often than average, he sometimes wins sets very clearly. Especially when he is in his zone and brings everything back again, sometimes several games run away at once. Broady, on the other hand, likes to lose sets significantly, despite his victory against Schwartzman, for example. B. even in 0-6. Since Broady had to go over five sets twice in the first two rounds and is not used to it at this level, it can also be a matter of strength today. You have to be very stable and calm towards De Minaur, which can be extremely difficult if you get tired. Maybe Broady will take a break in between and just let a sentence run, it would of course be worth gold for the bet.

Due to the showdown and the generally large difference in terms of experience, consistency and playful class, we assume at least one very clear sentence in favor of De Minaur. A 6-2 or 6-1 is quite possible, with which more than half of the required seven matches difference would be settled in one fell swoop. “

Recommendation: De Minaur -6.5 bets – at odds of 1.89. The bet wins if De Minaur wins at least seven more games in total.


Raczkowski: “Somehow absurd quotas, if you look at the last year of the two. Because while Badosa was pretty consistently one of the best players in the world, Kvitova lost a lot and was far from top of the world. On the one hand. side, as the Czechs play best on grass, only recently won the tournament in Eastbourne and generally have more experience on this surface, one can still understand it to some extent.

We still do not want to commit to a winner here, because we expect a balanced game. Both can play incredibly well, Kvitova may be a little better on grass at the top, but Badosa is more consistent and stable. Kvitova will probably hit more winners, but also make more mistakes. We can well imagine that at times Kvitova’s more uncompromising game will prevail, but then again the greater stability on the part of the Spaniard. That makes three sentences quite realistic for us here. But since both can also serve very well, and especially the first servings allow many free points, a longer set and possibly even a tie-break is also possible here.

So we come to the conclusion that we see some more scenarios here of outbid this line than undercutting it. At least 22 games seem very possible for us, but of course we will prefer a thriller in three movements with an exciting deciding factor. “

Recommendation: Over 21.5 games – at odds of 1.91. The bet wins if more than 21 games are played in total.


bet: 9 (2 won, 7 lost)

Result: -5.12 units

With a unit bet per. effort and a value of 50 euros per. unit, this results in a loss of 256 euros.

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