European Championship conditions for Austria’s women’s national team

On Wednesday, the Austrian women’s national team starts their European Championship adventure. Perfect conditions in the cooking are guaranteed.

The women’s national team will find perfect training conditions in England.
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Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling and Co. lived at the Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot in the county of Surrey during the European Championship 2021, now ÖFB captain Viktoria Schnaderbeck and her colleagues are moving in: The team quarter for Austria’s women’s national team leaves Quality with nothing to be desired. The best conditions are guaranteed in preparation for the opening match of the European Championships on Wednesday at Manchester’s Old Trafford Stadium.

Irene Fuhrmann’s team started the adventure of the European Championship trip (today) on Thursday afternoon and then moved into the neighborhood of the upscale accommodation, which is about an hour’s drive from London and is located in the middle of a 50-hectare park landscape. Fuhrmann described it in advance as “really fat”. According to ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel, it is a sign of appreciation that men and women now only live in top hotels. “We found a team neighborhood that certainly wasn’t cheap, but it’s just perfect,” the 55-year-old said.

It is therefore not surprising that Pennyhill Park is very popular among many sports teams. Not only did the English men’s national team enjoy the atmosphere last year, several professional clubs in league preparation or often the English men’s national rugby team were guests there. “ÖFB had started their own search after they did not find what they were looking for among the neighborhoods that UEFA had proposed.”

Schnaderbeck sees a small “competitive advantage” in the European Championship quarter

“I’ve seen pictures and videos and heard from people in England that it’s ‘tip-top’. It might be a small competitive advantage for us that other teams don’t have. We want to use that too,” said Schnaderbeck. Her defense colleague Laura Wienroither did not describe it as a crucial point to have a camp where the team feels extremely comfortable. “But it’s a factor that can play into positive performance.”

The training ground can be reached on foot in a few minutes. Memories from Wageningen are aroused, where in 2017 on the way to the sensational semi-final of the European Championships, you only had to go through a short stretch of forest to complete the units on the grass. “If you know that you play in Manchester, Southampton and Brighton, and that you still have to travel hard, it is incredibly important that you have an oasis of well-being and that you can walk from hotel to hotel. have short distances, it’s just life – Saver “, according to goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger.

In addition to the training ground, there is also an artificial turf hall available and a fitness center can only be used. There are also numerous wellness and retreat options. “It’s an overall package that inspires us,” emphasized ÖFB team manager Isabel Hochstöger. Defender Carina Wenninger could only agree: “The hotel and the facility – we could not have gotten better.” The fact that they follow in the footsteps of Kane and Co., is just a side note for them.

In addition to the 23 team players, the two back-up forces Virginia Kirchberger and Annabel Schasching also traveled. The team around the team is even bigger with 30 people. The only difference to the ÖFB men’s team is “that not everyone works full time for ÖFB,” Fuhrmann said. Compared to 2017, where she herself worked as Dominik Thalhammer’s assistant coach, she has another and thus extra assistant coach (Markus Hackl and Christoph Witamwas) by her side. The biggest increase in the delegation, however, concerns the media team, which now consists of seven people.

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