TFG Typhoons loses two points in Cologne –

“Fliedner Students” returns from the Falcons with an unnecessary loss

Kaiserswerth – The warnings were bad for the Fliedner students as the worst fears in the run-up to the match at the Cologne Falcons had come true in terms of staff level due to Corona, injuries and the start of the holiday. Finally, shortly before kick-off, it was enough to send the required 25 players through the pass check. But it was around the good news for the Typhoons, who not only came back midway through the first quarter, but were soon without defensive liner Simeon Karr, who suffered an injury.

What followed was a battle over the “300” that King Leonidas would have enjoyed. He was rewarded early in the match when wide receiver Alexander Amstislavski secured a 9-yard pass from quarterback (QB) Peter Kostenko in Cologne’s end zone before kicker Ben Shepherd equalized. The first points for the two Typhoons in their U19 career, the first points for the Typhoons in 2022 – momentum was clearly on the side of head coach Philipp Fritsche’s team. Especially since backward Sooho Park managed to save a Falcons fumble on their own 48-yard line early in the second quarter. The typhoon attack that followed, however, was unable to exploit this. However, it worked a little later when Typhoon’s defensive line Tom Wolters grabbed the egg after a fumble from the hosts and ran over 60 yards into the Falcons’ end zone. Game changer – everyone in the Typhoons team zone agreed at the moment. Until someone could glimpse a piece of yellow fabric on the green of the artificial turf pitch in Cologne’s Ostkampfbahn. No touchdown – penalty against Typhoons – saw no further space gain, but a failed fourth attempt. And yet it was game changer – just not in favor of Typhoons. A great game from Cologne and an unintentional punt from their own end zone resulted in a clear 21:07 lead for the hosts at the break.

Either way, the typhoon Spartans were still reluctant to give up. The first offensive drive of the second half was down at 21:15 after Sooho Park managed to drive a 25-yard pass from QB Peter Kostenko into the goal zone for his first U19 touchdown before Alexander Amstislavski managed to finish with a two- points conversion. (TPC). In the wake, not only did the Typhoons defense stand, and defensive back Bright Afari Owusu-Tabiri also managed an interception in their own end zone. The attack also made yard after yard, mainly due to runs from QB Peter Kostenko and running back Ben Shepherd, as well as the increasingly strong wide receiver Lasse Lüth. What the Typhoons lacked was a reward for the self-sacrificing battle – which was not exactly helped by two fumbles either. And then came what was to come, as the typhoons had no choice but to increase the risk more and more as the season progressed. Instead of equalizing, it was the Falcons who were able to penetrate the Typhoons end zone again shortly before the end of the match, setting it at 28:15.

An avoided defeat – everyone agreed after the game ended on the part of the typhoons. A defeat that was already forgotten in the last huddle due to currently changing priorities. The attacking ship Shawn Ekenedilichukwu Umeh’s truly remarkable achievement was celebrated in the first football match of his life as well as in his family and friends traveling up the Rhine as a whole who could have conjured up a smile for a few hours. , who it was after their escape from Ukraine there are not so many right now.

Next Saturday, July 2, the TFG Typhoons will play the last match of the season in 2022 against the Düsseldorf Panthers at 11 a.m. in the Kleine Kampfbahn next to the Merkur Spiel-Arena. The game will no longer be relevant to the tableau as the Big Cats go into the playoffs as winners of Group West along with the Cologne Crocodiles, while the Cologne Falcons are assured of third place ahead of the Typhoons.

Cologne Falcons Vs. TFG Typhoons 28:15 (07:07; 14:00; 00:08; 07:00)

06:00 Cologne Falcons 6-yard run
07:00 PAT Cologne Falcons
07:06 Alexander Amstislavski after 9-yard pass Peter Kostenko
07:07 PAT Ben Shepherd
13:07 The Cologne Falcons run 60 yards
14:07 PAT Cologne Falcons
20:07 1-yard run Cologne Falcons
21:07 PAT Cologne Falcons
21:13 Sooho Park after 25-yard pass Peter Kostenko
21:15 TPC Alexander Amstislavsky
27:15 8-yard run Cologne Falcons
28:15 PAT Cologne Falcons

Source: Düsseldorf Typhoons – Andreas Paprotny
Photo: © Werner Thorenz

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