The Dragons win the Vienna Derby for the first time

Tried 20 times – 20 times nothing happened. But it worked for the 21st time: the Danube Dragons are the winners of a Wiener derby for the first time in their club history. Associated with the historic success is the top spot in the AFL after the regular season.

The game:

The match started with a kickoff return from Dacia Vikings. This was kicked short and therefore put the Vikings in a good field position. The first drive should then lead to the first points. QB runs from about 10 yards Nico Hrouda in an election game for the first touchdown of the day, one of many in the game. The following PAT was implemented by Kevin Voznyak transformed. However, the home team’s first game should immediately define the conditions on the field. Long pass to touchdown, it did not take the Dragons long to get on the scoreboard, but the subsequent PAT could not be converted. After an INT, the Dragons managed to take advantage of the Vikings’ mistake. They took the lead, but again could not conjure up extra points on the scoreboard. So the Vikings, in the form of Fabian Eder to complete a long pass in the end zone. Again, the Vikings are definitely kicking. The first quarter ends 14:12 for the Vikings.

After the first change of sides, however, the home team got better and better. Quick scores and turnovers on the downs of the Vikings allowed the Dragons to take the lead for the first time and create a gap on the scoreboard. Partly thanks to a nearly 60-yard kickoff return from the Dragons, the Dragons were able to stay in their offensive flow. About two minutes before halftime, US imports could as well Devontae Jordan affect the game with a touchdown. The agile running back was able to fill about 15 yards into the end zone. However, the following PAT attempt was blocked. It goes with 36:20 at the break.

After half time, it was time to catch up with the Vikings.

After a quick three-and-out of the Dragons, QB Hrouda found WR Eder for a touchdown again. The two-point conversion that followed was capable of Maurice Wappl be transformed. Nevertheless, the Vikings ‘defense could not consistently stop the Dragons’ strong attack. They still managed to score and a long ball to a wide open Dragons receiver resulted in another touchdown just before the end of the third quarter. The third quarter ends with 50:28 for the dragons.

At the beginning of the last quarter, there was another chance to turn the match around. The Vikings were able to regain the ball right in front of the Dragons’ end zone due to a missed kickoff. The run ended with a touchdown to WR Tavarse Martin Jr. completed, which got better and better in games and shortly before could receive a touchdown from Hrouda. With minutes left, the Dragons regained possession and faced a huge task of getting about 25 yards to a new first down. However, the home team succeeded and they were able to finish the drive with a touchdown shortly before the end. Although the Vikings got the ball back, they failed to immortalize themselves on the scoreboard again. The final result: 57:42 for the still undefeated Danube dragons.

Votes after the match:

Michael Honeyhead coach Danube Dragons: “A fantastic performance from our offensive. Each unit had to be there for the other, and that’s how we played today. Our goal was to keep the number 23 Vikings under control, and we managed to do quite well.”

Ivan ZivkoHead coach Dacia Vikings: “The Dragons played great. We came back after the break. Of course it’s hard to lose such a game. Great work by the Dragons.”

Austrian Football League WEEK 11

Danube Dragons (9-0) vs. Vienna Vikings (6-3) 57:42
(12: 14/24: 6/14: 8/7: 14)
SAT 25 June 2022 at 16.00 SR Donaufeld Vienna

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Rangers Mödling (5-4) vs. Steelshark’s Traun (2-7) 54:14
(13: 7/28: 7/7: 0/6: 0)
SAT 25 June 2022 at 16.00 Stadium Mödling

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(3: 7/14: 7/0: 7/7: 7)
SAT 25 June 2022 at 18.00 American Football Center Innsbruck

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