Rafael Nadal: woman, wealth, age, illness – the tennis professional in portrait

Of 36 years old Spaniards Rafael Nadal has been playing since he was four tennis. His uncle and coach recognized Nadal’s talent very early on. Today, he is one of the most successful tennis players ever. Nadal is currently the number fire world, 209 weeks the Spaniard rose 1st place world rankings. In his career, Rafael Nadal celebrated collectively 92 titles in singles and 11 tournament wins in doubles. Nadal also tops the list of Grand Slam titles won. 22 Grand Slam titles the Spaniard has been able to gather so far, leading the list ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (both 20 titles).

  • Has Rafael Nadal a Wife?
  • How much served Spaniards?
  • What’s up with his Disease on yourself?

All information about the tennis star in portrait.

Rafael Nadal in profile: age, zodiac sign, height, Instagram

All the facts about the tennis player in an instant:

  • Last name: Rafael Nadal Parera
  • age: 36
  • birthday: June 3, 1986
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Place of birth: Manacor, Mallorca
  • Place of residence: Manacor, Mallorca
  • nationality: Spain
  • sizeDimensions: 185 cm
  • profession: tennis player
  • Woman: Maria Perello
  • Instagram: rafaelnadal

Rafael Nadal: wife of Maria Perello

On October 19, 2019, Nadal married his longtime girlfriend Maria Perelló. The wedding took place behind closed doors. His wife Maria is also from Mallorca and went to school with Nadal’s sister. Maria studied economics at the University of the Balearic Islands and London. She then worked for an energy supplier. Today she takes care exclusively of the Nadal Foundation. Maria only accompanies her husband to the important Grand Slam tournaments. The couple currently has no children. Nadal decided not to have children until after his career. However, it is clear that Maria and Rafael would like to have more children.

How Much Money Does Rafael Nadal Make?

The Spanish superstar earns around 20 million euros a year. In total, Nadal has an estimated net worth of € 185 million. The Spaniard’s net worth consists of prize money and various sponsorship agreements. With a fortune of 185 million euros, Nadal is one of the 100 richest celebrities in the world. Rafael Nadal earned 130 million euros on prize money alone. This places him in third place in the ranking of tennis prize money.

Rafael Nadal: achievements and records

Rafael Nadal holds several tennis records. He holds the record for most Grand Slam titles. Overall, Nadal has 22 Grand Slam tournaments could win. Nadal won it alone French Open 14 times, which is probably the record for eternity. In addition, Nadal was able to win three titles on three different pitches in the same year, which is also a record. The Spaniard also has a record in the world rankings. He was oldest number one at the end of the year. Rafael Nadal has won all Grand Slam tournaments several times. Overall, he won the French Open 14 times, the Australian Open twice, the Wimbledon tournament twice and he won the US Open four times. The Spaniard also celebrated several successes at the ATP tournaments. 35 titles he was able to gather on the trip.

Rafael Nadal: Illness

In 2005, Nadal’s left foot was diagnosed with Müller-Weiss syndrome. This is a degenerative disease of the scaphoid. Rafael Nadal therefore plays with special insoles in the shoe. Without them, a long career would not be possible. In 2021, the Spaniard underwent surgery due to the disease. At this year’s French Open, Nadal even used anesthetic injections to alleviate the pain. These should help to permanently get the pain under control. After his triumph at the French Open in 2022, the Spaniard said: It is obvious that I can not continue like this and will not continue.

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