Optimize the communication between brain and body

Under the motto “Neurotraining – The game changer for performance in everyday life, office and sport”, Neuro Innovation Day on 18 September 2022 will for the first time deal with the various possible uses of neurocentric applications. To this end, the Artzt Institute, in collaboration with the German Academy of Neuro-Performance, has brought renowned experts to its side. Actors from exercise disciplines such as coaches, physiotherapists, coaches or sports doctors are invited. Plus: draw.

To neurocentric training is a form of therapy that the neural functions of the brain appeals. As a control center controls it someone movementbut also ours pain sensation. This requires the brain sensory informatione.g from the eyes or the balance organinterpret this and provides appropriate instructions.

The better information processing is, the better is efficiency. through targeted control of the nervous systemfor example, with balance, vision or breathing exercises, the Optimize the communication between brain and body and rectify deficiencies.

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Known is the neuro-based training concept in this country primarily due to Use in competitive sports. Under the term neuroathletic training it will be Improving strength, endurance and mobility used. Which one It has potential beyond sports also offers for everyday complaints, it wants first Neuro Innovation Day 2022 illuminate.

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Congress in collaboration with the Artzt Institute and the German Academy for Neuro-Performance caters to actors in movement subjects and invents September 18, 2022 in the premises of State Sports Association of Hesse in Frankfurt am Main instead of.

“Neurotraining opens up opportunities for everyone – from young children to seniors, from the presumably healthy to the chronically ill.”
Astrid Buscher, Head of Education at the Artzt Institute

“We have a program prepared that wide range of the brain-based training approach well-founded and at the same time practice-oriented reflects“, explains Astrid Buscher, Head of Education at the Artzt Institutethe concept of the event.

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IN 16 lectures and workshops neuro-specialists inform about it for a day different areas of application for neurocentric exercisesincluding in fall prevention, migraine, cancer, post-covid consequences, craniocerebral trauma, sports injuries, team sports, and learning and coordination disorders in children.

sign up now to Neuro Innovation Day 2022 on the website. The participation fee is 185 euros including meals. With the code NID22 come up to July 15, 2022 -one early booking discount in the amount of 35 euros.

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