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For the next two weeks, he will once again be a regular guest in German living rooms: Patrik Kühnen (56) will comment and analyze the most legendary tennis tournament in the world for the pay-TV broadcaster Sky: WIMBLEDON!

BILD interview with the triple Davis Cup winner, who is the tournament manager for the BMW Open at Aumeister in Munich.

PICTURE: How do you actually live in London during the Wimbledon weeks?

Patrick Kuehnen: “We have a total of 22 colleagues on site who live in four rented houses. I share one with Yannick Erkenbrecher, Michael Festag, Stephan Herchenhain and Miriam Müller. We are self-sufficient. ”

The Cathedral of World Tennis: The legendary Center Court at Wimbledon.  The game is played on the finest English lawnFoto: CARL DE SOUZA/AFP

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The Cathedral of World Tennis: The legendary Center Court at Wimbledon. The game is played on the finest English lawnPhoto: CARL DE SOUZA / AFP

IMAGE: Does that mean?

highlighted: “Shopping, cooking, laundry – we do everything ourselves. However, I am at the facility every day from 9.00 to 21.00. Our walk there: five to ten minutes.”

IMAGE: What makes Wimbledon so fascinating to you?

highlighted: “In 1980 as a boy I saw Björn Borg play against John McEnroe in the final there, we sat in front of the television with a whole bunch of kids, an unforgettable experience. That was when my dream of playing there also began at this Center Court.”

PICTURE: You did it …

highlighted: “Yes, exactly once, in 1992. Usually you have to go far for it, or even reach the final. For me, the draw was: first round, against Ivan Lendl. I had just beaten him in Queens, also on grass, and I was like, well … “

IMAGE: What happened?

highlighted: “Center Court killed me. It’s incredibly impressive to go in there. The cabins alone, the walk past all the trophies, Rudyard Kipling’s motto that stands above the entrance, that one should preserve dignity in both triumph and defeat. And then one steps into it “Holy lawn, it goes up a little, the spectators clap. It’s like entering a cathedral. Tennis Cathedral! You won’t find it anywhere else. Very, very impressive, very moving. After 18 minutes it was 1: 6.”

PICTURE: A unique experience in the truest sense of the word.

highlighted: “Yes. But then I took myself and lost the next two sets 6: 7 after close tie-breaks. When I got my best Wimbledon result in the quarter-final against Stefan Edberg in 1988, we played on court 1.”

He knows how to handle the Wimbledon Cup: Novak DjokovicFoto: PAUL CHILDS/REUTERS

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He knows how to handle the Wimbledon Cup: Novak DjokovicPhoto: PAUL CHILDS / REUTERS

PICTURE: Who do you see in the men’s and women’s finals this year?

highlighted: “It’s bitter that Alexander Zverev, number two in the world rankings, is not there because of his ankle injury. I will miss him at Wimbledon. He had such a good race that it did not seem like much was missing until his first Grand Slam victory The world number one, Daniil Medvedev, is also missing because he is not allowed to play at Wimbledon as a Russian, hence my favorite rankings: Novak Djokovic ahead of Rafael Nadal and Matteo Berrettini, who was very good on grass recently.Andy Murray is “Of course, an exciting topic: his comeback is incredibly strong. And he has a home advantage, has already won Wimbledon and Olympic gold there in 2012.”

Number one on the WTA world rankings and top favorite to win Wimbledon: Iga Swiatek (Poland)Foto: Getty Images

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Number one on the WTA world rankings and top favorite to win Wimbledon: Iga Swiatek (Poland)Photo: Getty Images

PICTURE: And the Germans?

highlighted: “Of course I cross my fingers for everyone, but it will be difficult to get far. Oskar Otte was given a chance to change things around. Unfortunately, Philipp Kohlschreiber did not qualify and ended his career. Jan-Lennard-Struff is struggling to get back in shape after breaking his toe. “

IMAGE: What can Serena Williams still achieve at the age of 40?

highlighted: “It’s not set, but it’s always good for a surprise. I also trust Angelique Kerber, I wish she would go far. The favorite is of course Iga Swiatek, world number one. And British Emma Raducanu is something to look out for. on.”

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