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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – sorry – Xiaomi Smart Band 7, as it is now called, is now also available in Germany from 50 euros (currently discounted). But with the global release, some questions arise that have so far remained unanswered by the German press representation. Nevertheless, we try to answer the most important questions for you.

Xiaomi smart band 7In late May 2022, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi officially unveiled the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in two different versions in its home country. One with and one without NFC (Near Field Communication). A transmission standard that only works over very short distances via RFID technology and is primarily used for contactless payment. From last week, the group unveiled a global version of the popular fitness tracker at a Paris AIoT event. And although nothing can be seen on the internal Xiaomi website, Amazon is currently selling it for 49.99 euros *. Supposedly an early bird offer of unknown duration.

Before we start with our question catalog, I would like to point out that the GO2mobile editorial staff only has a Chinese model from TradingShenzhen * available to them. The global Amazon model will not be available until June 29th. It can be purchased immediately.

Differences between Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 vs Band 6

On the one hand, the Alexa voice control seems to be separated again (in the Chinese version), despite a built-in microphone in the NFC model. The XiaoAI Language Assistant is favored in China. Furthermore, the screen has grown from 1.56 inches to 1.62 inches (486 x 152 to 490 x 192 pixels). It is also slightly brighter with a maximum of 500 nits compared to its predecessor, which had its maximum illumination of up to 450 nits. There is now an always-on screen.

The battery now also has a higher total capacity from 125 mAh to 180 mAh. Otherwise, Xiaomi Germany declares a revised VO₂-Max professional training analysis that measures the maximum amount of oxygen in the blood that users have access to during training. If the saturation is below 90 percent, a vibration can alert the user. The rest should be pretty much identical.

Our question about Xiaomi’s latest fitness tracker

To get a better overview, I will now simply ask the questions and give the appropriate answers to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  • How do I distinguish with and without the NFC model?
    Model designation with NFC: M2130B1
    Model name without NFC: M2129B1
  • Do the old silicone bracelets still fit the 7 model?
    Yes – it’s a little tighter, but it’s basically possible
  • If I get the NFC model, can I also make cashless payments in Germany?
    This can be done with a detour via the “Curve” app – a virtual credit card that manages your existing credit cards. Jonas once made instructions.
  • Can you also charge with the old magnetic charging cable?
    Yes, the old magnetic cables with USB class A connectors also work on the 7 model.
  • Will the NFC model also emerge globally?
    There are currently only rumors about this, which say that a collaboration with Mastercard is being worked on. This model would then also appear in this country and probably again with Alexa.
  • How much memory and which processor is installed?
    Unfortunately, I am not aware of that. The predecessor had a Cortex-M33 single-core with 512 KB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory.
  • Which app is recommended for Xiaomi Smart Band 7?
    It’s an absolute mess. Therefore, the answer is a little longer.
    The fitness tracker’s QR code would like to download the apk file for the Mi Fitness app in version 3.42. This currently only works if you select the country China. But in the end, it works in German (system) language. This app is also available directly in the Google Play Store, but is currently not working at all.
    I highly recommend the Zepp Life app. Although it is from Amazfit, it was previously called Mi Fit, but so far it has worked with all Xiaomi bands and smartwatches like Xiaomi Watch S1 and also syncs with Google Fit.
  • How can I select dials (faces) other than the five pre-installed?
    If you keep your finger on the touch screen, you can choose between 5 pre-installed dials.
    * Under the Mi Fitness app on the bottom tab “Device”, select the appropriate device at the top and then back and on “Band Displays”.
    * Select the appropriate device under the Zepp Life app on the bottom “Profile” tab and under “My Devices”. Then on the top tab “Shop”

Zepp liv
Zepp liv

So – these are the main questions and answers about the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 that I asked myself. You probably also have one or two questions and I will try to answer / supplement them in this post.

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