MLFB – Major League Football

MLFB CEO Frank Murtha was able to announce the commitment of four very well-known coaches, who were to ensure that the league can start at full throttle right from the start and is a serious and remarkable event.

In Ohio, a true local will completely control the team’s fortunes. Bill Conley himself used to play for Ohio State before spending 20 very successful years there, starting in 1984 as an assistant coach. After a few stays on other college and college teams, he returned to Ohio in 2010, where he took on the role of head coach of the Ohio Dominican Panthers. Conley is considered a targeted promoter and discoverer by talented players; Especially in the position of quarterback, several of his protégés have taken the plunge into professional business. His motivation for working in the MLFB: “MLFB gives players the opportunity to reach their potential and live out their dreams of playing football at the highest level. “

Virginia Armada is led by head coach Terry Shea. During his tenure, the 76-year-old Californian coached several draft picks in the first round and prepared them for a professional career. He is considered an uncompromising advocate of an offensive style of play that he not only developed and refined in college football, but also with the Rams, Dolphins, Chiefs and Bears. “The opportunity to develop his football skills at a professional level and then have the stage to show his development in a competitive football environment against other professional players. ”, Shea explains the reason for his involvement in Major League Football. Despite working in the NFL, his new employer fits Shea’s profile very well: Terry worked primarily in the minor or alternative leagues.

Earnest Wilson becomes head coach of the Arkansas Attack. Wilson is committed to the Air Raid attack concept, which he has shaped and developed over the course of his more than 30-year coaching career. For the job as head coach of Major League Football, he laid off his many years of commitment to Savannah State. And with full conviction: “I like the idea that they sell that we really are a development league and I love the opportunity to train against some really good coaches.”said Wilson about his motives.

Jerry Glanville is the diametric opposite of a coach compared to Wilson or Shea. Glanville is dependent on a strong defensive line, and has thus also been able to develop a really good standing in football. Glanville had some success with the POilers and Falcons in the NFL before returning to his roots and getting involved in college football. However, this position in Portland lasted only two years and ended in 2009. Nine years later, the charismatic and passionate racing driver reappeared in football, this time in Hawaii. And why is he bringing his skills and experience to Major League Football now? According to Glanville himself, that’s the thrill of working with young talent: “Seeing them grow and improve is the joy of teaching and coaching. “

The main features of the new league

The MLFB is intended to be a well-funded junior league with a focus on developing talent who for some reason did not reach the NFL draft or was not drafted. To get these players up in the league, names were presented with the four committed coaches who have the highest knowledge in talent development.

Frank Murtha sees it as essential not to be tied to just a few sponsors and thus expose himself to a high degree of dependence. He prefers to accept more work and more acquisition talks in order to find more small investors who will eventually secure the league’s future.

Young players can apply to the league centrally, the selected players are then assigned to the teams. As a rule, however, one should pay attention to regional origin to ensure that the players identify with the teams and fans. Most of the players come from either the minor leagues or the NFL club’s training teams.

Important to mention: MLFB is not the same as Major League Football MLF of the same name. This is a much larger concept, which on closer inspection appears far too ambitious and has not been planned for as long as MLFB, which was founded as a company in 2014 and is even listed today.

We wish Frank Murtha and his team every success.

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