Before the start of the tennis tournament: a dispute over Wimbledon’s world rankings

Status: 25/06/2022 12:32

Because players from Russia and Belarus are not allowed to start at Wimbledon, no points should be awarded in the world rankings. This strains the atmosphere before the tennis classic.

Wimbledon thrives on its great tradition and is still considered the most conservative tournament in the tennis world. However, this does not mean that the organizers are fundamentally opposed to innovations: for the first time in the history of the tournament is “mid-Sunday“not planned as a regular rest day this year. So far, in 134 editions of the tournament Sunday after the first week, only four times have been short-lived Matches been planned, mostly due to previously appalling weather conditions.

Tournament management remained stuck on another, much-discussed topic before the start on Monday (June 27, 2022): the ban on players from Russia and Belarus, who had already left the tournament in April as part of the sanctions due to Ukraine War decided was still “the right decision “, confirmed the tournament director Sally Bolton Thursday on the BBC.

No world rankings at Wimbledon

The professional organizations ATP and WTA, annoyed by the invitation of Russian and Belarusian professionals, then announced that he would remove the most important tennis tournament in the world from the world rankings. An escalation there too Wimbledon was received with “great regret” as tournament manager Bolton said, but she took over responsibility for it ATP and WTA more. Bolton stressed that she was in further talks with the organizers of the trip. It is still possible that they reversed the decision before the first Matches by Kirkevej Start.

Djokovic with clear criticism

Novak Djokovic will serve there as defending champion. The Serb was one of the players in the race who had clearly criticized the deletion of the world rankings points. Djokovic, who is currently third in the world rankings and number one at Wimbledon, would have been one of the recipients after the exclusion of the Russian world rankings Daniil Medvedev. In the event of a Wimbledon victory, would have Djokovic 2,000 points to the rankings and can fill a lot on Medvedev. Now the Serb as last year’s winner may even fall further behind in the rankings because the points in the world rankings are no longer valid after one year. Djokovic demanded ATP also therefore to leave the points collected at Wimbledon in the previous year untouched.

Tomljanovic threatens to overthrow: “Very unfair”

A similar statement was also made Alya Tomljanovic. The Australian reached her first quarter-final at Wimbledon last year and climbed to 38th place in the world rankings – her best ranking ever. But she, too, is now threatened by a crash, possibly down to around 80th place, if her strong result from last year’s Wimbledon is no longer taken into account in the rankings: “We are deprived of the opportunity to defend the points from last year. That is really very unfair“, said Tomljanovic to “GuardiansAt the same time, however, she confirmed that a boycott of the prestigious lawn tournament had never been an issue for her.

Cameron Norrienumber one in the British men, had up to the tournament suspected that many stars could start in Wimbledon give up if there are no points for the rankings. However, this gloomy prognosis has not been confirmed. Only the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, finalist in 2014, justified her rejection with the lack of a chance for world ranking points. But everything else that has a reputation and can play is in the famous part of town SW 19 at the beginning: “To me, Wimbledon is Wimbledon, with or without points“, said Angelique Kerber, who triumphed on the sacred lawn in 2018. She would like to feel the special flair again this time, Kerber told “FAZ”: “Anyone who is in doubt about Wimbledon this year has misunderstood the importance of the tournament and the sport itself. ”

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