The basketball men of BC 70 Soest in the 2nd regional league have a new coach. The coaching duo takes over the seventies in the 2nd regional league

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After two years, one of which was completely under Corona, Uli Overhoff stops as coach at BC 70 Soest. The effort was too great for him. © Rusche, Michael

The basketball men in BC 70 Soest in the 2nd regional league have got a new coach.

Soest – 56-year-old Klaus Vatter will take over the team for the coming season. He is assisted by Tom Mönnigmann as assistant coach. The two are already busy planning for the upcoming season, which there are still some question marks in terms of staff.

“I wanted to coach a team again, but I did not even have the first men on screen,” explained Vatter, who had thought more about an ambitious youth team when he asked the board. But there were questions in the board about the further collaboration with the last two years coach, Uli Overhoff. In conversations, he had repeatedly referred to the great effort involved in driving for training from Hagen to Soest and the increased fuel costs. He also had another offer in his neighborhood. “But if he was promoted, he would have liked to have stayed,” says chairman Andreas Kayser (see info box).

Klaus Vatter becomes new men's coach in BC 70 Soest.
online-vatter.jpg © Rusche, Michael

So Kayser and Co. decided to rely on Vatter as the new coach of the men’s regional league, especially since the team around Stani Grzyb, Simon Brehm and Jan Seuthe also liked this solution. “It was important to me that we did it as a team,” says Vatter, who is happy that the players are on board with him. “And Tom Mönnigmann is very important, otherwise I would not have done it. The team wanted us. For us as coaches, the 2nd regional league will be a challenge. ”

The new coach has already clarified an important personal detail. “Jordan’s commitment was extremely important. He’s a great guy, he makes all the players around him stronger, “said Vatter about Canadian guard Jordan Rose, who stays with the team.

According to him, it is still unclear whether Kassim Mbamba, Mauro Gerszke and Mika Assor will stay. “I am convinced that we will fix everything next week,” said the coach, who gives a clear goal: “We want to integrate more young people, Mert Özbilgic was the start.” In the first part of the preparation, the young Dominik Stricker, Baran Özel, Nicolas Kayser, Ben Klauke and Henrik Haverland train before the final squad is to be determined on 1 August. Klauke last played in Paderborn in the youth Bundesliga, but has agreed to play on BC 70, as Kayser explained. A conversation is still awaiting with Colin Rosenberg, who was also in Paderborn. “It used to be different, but today no team has a complete squad at this point,” Vatter said of personal issues. Nico Trilling and Nico Schulte will once again be part of the first team.

Klaus Vatter has already defined a goal for the new season. “We want to play at the top again. That is the most interesting and motivating factor,” he sees great potential in the team.

“Klaus Vatter asked without hesitation if he could train a team with us again, no matter which. Then it became clear that Uli Overhoff would not continue and from then on the interest in the first team arose automatically,” says Kayser and describes how it goes .Club and now former coach would not have gone apart in a fight, on the contrary. “Uli did a great job with us in the Corona period, gave us impulses as a club.” Third place last season is a success.

Jordan Rose continues to chase baskets for BC 70 Soest.
Jordan Rose continues to chase baskets for BC 70 Soest. © Rusche, Michael

The chairman also welcomes Jordan Rose’s commitment. “He feels comfortable in Soest, can continue to offer his individual training, continue to do AG at ConvoS and train the women’s team with Thorsten Haverland.” Mika Assor will coach the U18 boys and will acquire coaching licenses himself. “We will support him in this,” Kayser said confidently about the future of the club, which remains well positioned in the youth field.

Klaus Vatter has already coached the first Soest men’s team – in the Oberliga, from 2013 to 2016, as he remembers. He was also the youth coach of the seventies and other clubs for several years.

Former coach praises the work of the team

“The main reason is that we did not train at all in the second half,” said Uli Overhoff on his departure as coach of the men’s team BC 70. “What should I drive for then?”, Which he had as coach of the team in the 2nd regional league. “If we have training at 20.30, I leave at 19.30 and am not home until 23.00.” The staff situation – due to several injuries – was just bad. “It was frustrating for everyone, it reduces motivation.” He was in Soest for two years, but “you can’t count the first year because of the closure. We were only in the hall for a year. ” He praises the work with the team: “I found the team spirit very good. There were no problems if someone played less. Simon Brehm, who leads, exemplified this very well, always cheered him on, “says Overhoff, who takes over the regional league women from TSV Hagen -” I drive five minutes there “.

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