Europa-Park Rust limits the number of visitors

Many families visit theme parks, especially during holidays and vacations. Whether it’s a roller coaster, a children’s zoo, hot waffles – behind all the offers are people who make fun and enjoyment possible. According to the media, Germany’s most popular amusement park, Europa-Park, is missing employees, which is why the number of visitors is now limited. TRAVEL BOOK followed up with Europa-Park.

The shortage of staff is currently hurting many companies in the tourism industry. Airports are sinking into chaos, and hoteliers and restaurateurs are also complaining about staff shortages. According to media reports and a recent article by the “Deutsche Presse-Agentur” (dpa), the shortage of staff at Europa-Park Rust has become so acute that it now limits the number of visitors. Europa-Park, on the other hand, tells TRAVELBOOK that the border has nothing to do with a shortage of staff. It would not pass – the popular amusement park is even well staffed.

German amusement parks are suffering from staff shortages

The shortage of staff in amusement parks is intensifying. “It is a tragedy that runs through all companies in the leisure and tourism industry,” says Jürgen Gevers, CEO of the Association of German Leisure Parks and Leisure Companies. Corona hit the companies hard. “They were supposed to be the first to close and were the last to reopen.” According to Gevers, there is hardly a company that does not suffer from staff shortages – and that shortly before the peak season of the holiday season.

In some parks, the opening hours have been shortened, says association member Gevers. There is a shortage of staff everywhere – from cashiers to cleaning staff to people who run the rides. In some cases, sales were lost because not all culinary offerings were available, Gevers says.

Potential employees are attracted to and attracted with all possible benefits. “People woo closest to them – parks offer free parking, a contract with a gym or massage,” says Marcel Bender from Schwabenpark in Kaisersbach. There is, for example, free lunch for the employees. In addition, four more affordable staff apartments are being built – six already exist.

Europa-Park limits visitor numbers

Germany’s most popular amusement park, Europa-Park in Rust, temporarily limits the daily number of visitors. According to the current statement, however, not due to lack of staff, which numerous media outlets report with reference to dpa: “With the variable ceiling, which is not due to lack of staff, we channel visitor flows to ensure guests an optimal experience,” said a spokeswoman TRAVELBOOK with.

According to the dpa, more than 50,000 people visit the park on peak days. “Bader Zeitung” states: “Dieter Borer, Swiss representative for Europa-Park, has confirmed to local media that there are currently no more than 30,000 visitors daily.” But a spokeswoman for the company told TRAVELBOOK that the limit of 30,000 visitors could not be confirmed – the number is incorrect. Rather, it is a “variable ceiling” that Europa-Park does not support with facts or figures when asked.

When asked by TRAVELBOOK why there was no such ceiling in the time before Corona, the spokeswoman explains: “An influential factor [für die aktuelle Deckelung] is, for example, that guests no longer feel as carefree and free in crowds after the pandemic as they did before. That is why Europa-Park wants to continue to be very responsible with visitor capacity. “

Do not cap due to lack of staff?

“There are not enough staff and guests notice that when restaurants or food stalls are not open,” a spokeswoman for the company told the “Badische Zeitung”. However, a spokeswoman told TRAVELBOOK: “Everything is open. We are working on a district management system that makes it possible to quickly and variably increase the number of employees in busy restaurants and thus respond flexibly to the flow of visitors.”

Lack of staff would not be a problem in Europa-Park at the moment: “For the summer holidays we will reach the level before Corona with holiday workers. The vacancies are also at pre-corona level,” says the spokeswoman for TRAVELBOOK. over the seasonal returnees, we have 500 employees. ”

Finally, the spokeswoman explains: “There are only a few places left until the start of the summer holidays that need to be filled. But we are basically optimistic that we will be able to do this. ”

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Europa-Park recruits employees from abroad

Without employees from abroad, the situation would probably be much more difficult. “For several years now, Europa-Park has been recruiting its staff from far beyond national borders. In addition to application days just outside Paris, Europa-Park is also looking for skilled workers in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland and Central Asia and South Africa,” the spokeswoman told TRAVELBOOK .

Europa-Park has already hired 25 Ukrainian refugees. “It works very well and we expect further successful recruitment,” a spokeswoman said according to the dpa. However, language barriers still need to be broken down.

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