Coach contract – immorality, usury and fraud?

It’s hard to believe the methods some self-appointed online coaches use to get money out of their “clients’ pockets”. Rip-off or subscription traps are the more harmless terms to describe the procedures of individual online coaching providers.

From a legal point of view, the question of immorality and usury arises in relation to the coach’s procedure or the online coaching offer in individual cases. And many more questions …

Rip-off of online coaches – immorality and usury are partly obvious

Numerically, this is more the rule than the exception: Individual blenders – you could call a spade a spade – require thousands of euros for more than just dubious coaching “services”.

Pure charlatanism often lurks behind the shiny facade, which loses its luster immediately after the supposed contracting. If at all – some self-proclaimed online coaches are also getting very thin.

Sometimes more in-depth legal explanations are hardly needed to make a forecast: a judge would hardly let that go.

Possibly not just the civilian judge. The boundaries between deception, usury and deception are sometimes very close to each other.

In addition to immorality and usury, many coaching contracts can be attacked

But even beyond immorality and usury, there are regularly countless legal points of attack for breaking down dubious coaching contracts in the border area of ​​subscription traps, rip-offs and scams.

Have you fallen into a coaching trap? checklist

Do you find yourself or your processes in the following under individual points?

  1. You were called up (possibly also via a “cold call”) by a so-called coach or closer with a promise or guarantee of direct monthly profits, ie. hv 10,000 euros counted in a subscription trap? In addition, feelings of time pressure and lack of supply were created?
  2. At the same time, the online coach “guided” you over the phone through a form on the platform of a so-called payment processor or similar (eg CopeCart or Digistore24)?
  3. The online coach or more would talk you into being an entrepreneur even if you are not an entrepreneur?
  4. You should definitely declare a waiver of revocation or have you subsequently found out that you have (unknowingly) waived the revocation?
  5. Promises and subsequent “performance” diverge openly. Much more than “Memory, mindset, mindset” does not come from the coach? You may also be in doubt as to whether live coaching is really “live” (especially in the case of group coaching)? Is it generally fake coaching?
  6. Under no circumstances will you be released from the contract (possibly despite a money-back guarantee)? Maybe you are also put under pressure and “threatened”?
  7. So-called digital content or digital products are repeatedly used as arguments, even if you were only interested in live coaching (1: 1 coaching or group coaching)?
  8. Do you receive invoices from providers (eg CopeCart) that you have never heard of before?
  9. Do you suspect that the coach or others have misused your data?
  10. Do you suspect a snowball or a pyramid scheme?

Get out of the coaching rip-off and coaching subscription trap

If only a few points apply, there is a good chance that you will not have to pay a penny for the coaching.

Unfortunately, the other side (especially the coaching provider or a payment processor) almost always claims the opposite. Even in clear constellations. Debt collection letters and the threat of lawsuits follow. Do not be intimidated and tempted to make supposedly well-meaning installments or installments.

Feel free to contact me if you need help. In obvious cases, I also file criminal charges for putting an end to some of what is going on.

I always strive to keep any legal costs well below the rip-off requirements of individual coaching providers. If you have legal expenses insurance, there is a good chance that it will cover the costs (there may be a deductible).

Feel free to send me a non-binding message by using the contact form below or by e-mail.

RA Robin Nocon, Right. Digital.

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