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Of: Leon Alisch


After the great success, the residents of Dorheim let it tear to pieces and celebrate the championship in the B-league, group 1. © pv

B-League champion FSV Dorheim is dependent on a fitness tracker and thus gained valuable insight into the game. Just a factor of many that characterizes coach Ronny Wadewitz’s team.

(lab). This Thursday it starts again at FSV Dorheim: They are starting to prepare for the new football season. And not even two weeks after the season’s last match against KSV Bingenheim took place. But the summer holidays are short – not least because the past winter break was quite long. And in Dorheim – by amateur standards – work is done professionally. During the pandemic, you always trained as fast as possible. You analyze the team’s performance with software. You hone your tactics and fitness. The club has now been rewarded with promotion to the A-League.

“Some people have told me that they are very happy that we are gone now,” said FSV coach Ronny Wadewitz about the other teams in the Kreisliga B Friedberg, Group 1. Only two of them made it during the season, Dorheimers to conquer. In the second half of the season, there was a flawless series without losing points – until they lost 1: 3 to Bingenheim in the end. No wonder, after four weeks of partying and included training.

With the custom song “Freddy is on fire”, the team cheered their striker Frederic Bausch in late May as they had completed their early promotion after beating TSG Wölfersheim 13-0. With 35 goals, Bausch was the most important offensive man of the B-League champions. A striker to the box, with finishing power, dribbles and body use. “He’s particularly good at putting his body in front of the opponent and shielding the ball,” says Wadewitz – talking about “probably the best Freddy Bausch” to date: “He has increased his fitness on his own, his weight worked and got faster. «

Mueller has defense together

In general, a lot is done in Dorheim outside of team training. The players are in the mood – and not only Bausch acts as support. The defense conceded only 16 goals. Benedikt Müller was the focal point of the defense, also because Luca Dickhardt, the other solid central defender, was out for a long time. The wings were the focus of most of Leopold Hergesell and Marvin Jochem’s attacks today. And in midfield, Halil Yilmaz, Jason Rebmann and Max Döpfner regularly broke the 12-kilometer mark per game.

We know from ‘Tracktics’ that it was actually a dozen kilometers. Players fasten a waist belt with a tracker. After the game you can see mileage, sprints and heatmap on the tablet. This is how it was found out at FSV, among other places, when the formation was not carried out as planned. “It also promotes understanding for the players. They all want to learn something new and want to continue their education, ”says Wadewitz, who has studied sports science himself.

Another – slightly easier – calculation showed: Striker Bausch scored an average of 1.7 goals per game. But that was not enough for the goal scorer cannon. Also because the Dorheims got their points five times without a match. Absences – the new trend in the game year 2021/22. Preferably also to avoid the smash against the league leader. “I thought it was very cowardly of our opponents. Teutonia City II did not play against us twice. We beat them 10-0 last season, maybe it will still resonate, ”said Wadewitz. “A match like this should be a challenge for a coach to set up the team in such a way as to make it as difficult as possible for the opponent.”

Three years ago, when you almost relegated to the C-League, you fought against the then champions VfR Ilbenstadt by exactly the same means and were “only” inferior with 0: 2. Now it’s up to the A-League for FSV Dorheim himself. So far, there has been almost no time to look at the new class. As the team remains broad, you plan again with your own reserve. With Jonas Heller, a promising player from FC Nieder-Florstadt changes to FSV.

The club wants to stay true to its former style, make the game appear robust. There is a principle behind this, as Wadewitz explains: “Right from the start, we decided our football in an area that had nothing to do with relegation. This is how we go in the A-league. We do not want to exist solely through team spirit, but through a playful idea ‘.

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