Trendsport 2022: Padel is so healthy

How does Padel work?

Padel is a racket sport originally from Mexico. Similar to related tennis, a ball with rackets over a net is thrown into the opponent’s court to score points. It is played on special tennis courts, the paddle courts. The artificial turf pitches are 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. The special thing about padel is that the lanes are surrounded by 3 meter high walls made of plastic glass and nets. The plastic glass walls at the front of the court can be included in the game. Players can hit the ball against the walls of their own half of the court to send it over the net. For particularly clever strategies, balls can also be played in such a way that they jump on the opponent’s half and are deflected from the walls there.

Padel is usually played in doubles, where two players per. teams face each other with special foam paddles. Padel can be understood as a kind of mixture of tennis and squash. In South America and Southern Europe, the trend sport has been very popular for years because it is exciting and easy to learn. Long competitions, team spirit and quick success make paddle the fitness trend of the hour in this country as well.

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4 good reasons to play paddle

1. It is good for health and figure

Padel is not as physically demanding as tennis. Since two players per. teams share their half of the course, the running effort for each individual person is relatively less. That does not mean Padel is not exhausting and sweaty. However, players do not have to be absolute endurance aces to have fun with the trend sport. With small movements, short, explosive sprints and long laps, people who are not very well-functioning can also succeed in paddle. Depending on the intensity of the game and the duration of the exchange of strokes, players can burn up to 400 calories per game. game. At the same time, exercise has many positive effects on health. The cardiovascular system is stimulated and the condition and lung volume can improve over time. Mental health is not neglected either, because paddle sports relieve a lot of stress.

2. It promotes dexterity

Padel is less about strength and endurance than about skill and tactical play. While it makes sense to place powerful smashes in the opposite field from time to time, the teams that play their balls skillfully and also use the glass walls usually win. Anyone who plays paddle regularly will find that it is much easier to score points with tactical thinking and skill in handling the racket and the ball than with sheer strength. Hand-eye coordination will improve over time, which can be a great benefit in everyday life, especially for clumsy people.

3. It strengthens teamwork and social ties

Padel is a team sport. Anyone who does not come to an agreement with their teammates and does not follow a common strategy and winning tactics can not survive against the opposing team. In paddle, you need to be able to trust your teammates and at the same time be reliable yourself. Successes are celebrated together and one’s own mistakes must be acknowledged. Only those who communicate openly, are open to criticism and have a healthy team spirit can really enjoy paddle. As a sport played in doubles, Padel is also a great social pastime. Take three of your best friends to the paddle court and use the break between sets to get in touch with your friends.

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4. Increases fat burning

Basically, racket sport as a paddle consists of periods of explosive, intense movement followed by short periods of recovery. Padel has similar health-promoting effects as HIIT training. With high-intensity interval training, fat burning is boosted. Intense movement sequences followed by short rest periods bring the fat metabolism into high gear. In fact, such interval training sessions put a lot more physical strain on them than exercises at a steady pace. As with HIIT, paddle also has the so-called afterburn effect, where body fat is still burned one day after the sport. So if you want to get rid of love handles in problem areas and some belly slap, grab a few friends and let the steam off with the paddle.

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