The next top game – tennis

TC Ettenheim expects the undefeated manager of the tennis district league / TC BW Oberweier II to give the other guard the opportunity to play.

(tmm / rfu). The Pentecost break lasted three weeks for tennis players in the Oberliga and the district leagues. Now it’s time for the teams from Lahr, Oberweier and Ettenheim to take on the home field of the season and secure their place in the league.

TC 1923 Grenzach – TC BW Oberweier II. After the Pentecost break, the Oberweiers want to score the necessary points on Sunday (11.00) so as not to be in danger of relegation in the tennis premiere. 2: 6 points are in the second division reserve account after the first four days of play. In Grenzach (4: 4 points) a victory should be possible. Head coach Oliver Killeweit is optimistic about the task: “Grenzach’s first team starts in the Baden League this weekend. We therefore assume that there will not be too many personnel changes for the opponent.” With three games left, “we want to win two more games, that would definitely secure us,” Killeweit said. The personal possibilities of the Oberweiers have changed in relation to the time before Pentecost. Paul Gogonea (Romania) is out for the rest of the season after tearing a meniscus over recently. On the other hand, Stevan Popovic has completed his tournament commitments at the moment and will join the squad for the weekend. The usual players Bastian Bross, Adrian Obert, Philipp Bauer, Jean-Luc Gassmann, Tyler Schmidt, David Slavchev (Bulgaria) and Yannis Fabry are also available for Oberweier. “Six of those eight players will compete in Grenzach,” Killeweit said.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen II – TC Schallstadt / Wolfenweiler. After about half of the season, Lahrer (4: 2 points) will play on Sunday (9.30) on their own course against the hitherto undefeated third party (6: 0 points) in the district league. “As is well known, Schallstadt is really well occupied in the first two or three positions, but then we should at least be balanced or even better as the match progresses,” said TSG coach Hernan Valenzuela. As the Badenliga men start the season this weekend, however, not until Saturday, there can at least be selective changes in the host squad. Among others, however, Adrian Sexauer will be used, “the rest will also come extremely motivated into the game. Can we use our assumed advantages in middle and back positions as well as in the doubles, I could get a good result per us after closely imagining the course , “says Valenzuela. In light of the rest of the program, he adds, “Of course you always have to be vigilant. But usually we don’t have anything to do with the relegation battle.”

TC Ettenheim – TC Schnberg II. In Ettenheim on Sunday (9.30) there is another top match in the men’s district league. Third in the table, TC Ettenheim, awaits the undefeated table leader TC Freiburg-Schnberg II.The TCE men had three weeks to come to terms with the unfortunate defeat at Schallstadt. Now it is with new strength and courage against the promotion favorites from Freiburg. The Badenliga reserve for TC Schnberg aims for promotion to the Oberliga and will therefore definitely compete again in Ettenheim with a good line-up. Small advantage for TCE: The first team of TC Schnberg starts the Badenliga season this weekend, so the guests can no longer fully draw. At TCE, all players are fit and ready to play.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen vs. TC Mundingen. The TSG women (4: 4 points) had to cope with various problems (injuries, private absence) before Pentecost. According to coach Hernan Valenzuela, all scheduled personnel should be back on board on Sunday (9.30am). Against the district league’s penultimate (0: 8 points) at home with a victory, the last doubt about relegation should be cleared away. The estuary lost all four previous meetings smoothly and clearly. Sporting respect dictates that TSG does not underestimate the guests. “The players are confident and undertake to win the home game,” said the TSG coach. A win before the end of the season in Oberweier next week would ease further pressure.

TC Schnberg II – TC BW Oberweier II. Oberweier’s women’s reserve (6: 2 points) has reached the season’s goal of staying up early. Promotion was not planned, so according to the club’s philosophy, the young players should primarily gain experience in the last two matches. “Our young players know what to expect. They are ambitious and warm, they want to meet these sporting challenges,” said coach Oliver Killeweit. The obstacle on Sunday (9.30) is high as the journey leads to the championship leader (8-0 points). It should not prevent players like Marie Siefert, Daniela Holzenthaler or Alina Wunderlich from presenting themselves for the best possible performances for the future.

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