Of sleep and good gaming boosters

Health and fitness also play a central role in sports on the surface. Every other week, performance coach Fabian Broich looks behind the scenes at us. This time it’s about sleep and useful gaming boosters.

The first topic in the new series of kicker eSports and Fabian Broich is sleep.
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Flickering screens for late at night, dark circles under the eyes and a little fresh air – clichés about gamers are a dime a dozen. The prejudiced image of eSports is a thing of the past. Professional players are sometimes treated like athletes, follow nutrition plans, use training to balance them, and work with performance coaches to optimize their own performance.

If you sleep better, you have the best conditions to get better and faster than others.

eSports performance coach Fabian Broich

Such is Fabian Broich. In the first issue of Health and Fitness, which comes out every other week on kicker eSport, we talk to him about sleep. For the coach, there is no doubt that it is important: “It is a third of our lives. If you sleep better, you are more regenerated and have the best conditions to get better and above all faster than others.”

As a result, the subject also plays an increasingly important role in eSports: “Due to the many hours in front of the PC, a lot of games and the high demands on cognitive abilities, it is important to get enough sleep to balance things out.” In addition to regenerating the players, the training effects should also be strengthened and “what has been learned should be consolidated”.

With regulated processes for the best game

Broich has a very specific routine for this, also called sleep hygiene in this context: “Away from monitors and appliances at 10 pm, take a walk outside for a quarter of an hour and review the day. Before going to bed, open the window for 15 minutes. , make everything darker and allow sounds if possible. ”

The key is the time between the last glance at a screen and the scheduled bedtime. For lack of sleep, according to Broich, is a homemade problem: “We humans are the only creatures with it. The reason for this is the light, which slows down the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.”

Of course, there are mostly players who play until 6 p.m. 2 or 3 at night, but they will decimate themselves in the future.

eSports performance coach Fabian Broich

According to the coach, it has not yet come with all the players: “Of course, there are mostly players who play until two or three o’clock, but they will decimate themselves in the future.” The reason for this trend is a growing understanding of organizations and teams. “Anyone who does not have a fixed daily routine will not perform his best in the long run and will therefore not be of interest to teams.”

Boosters incorrectly demonized?

On the other hand, what could be interesting despite negative prejudices are gaming boosters. Broich also knows about the problem of drinks, which are often filled with many stimulants: “If I take a ‘booster’ that whips me up with 200mg to 250mg of caffeine, my heart feels what I’m shaking and sweating, then it’s a very clear sign of not being good to me. ”

But this prejudice no longer applies to the entire product range: “There are now also beverages on the market that have a low caffeine content, but which bring the player into the focus zone with vitamins and amino acids.”

You should still avoid excessive consumption and instead rely on natural measures such as healthy sleep hygiene. For Broich, this has benefits that go beyond performance: “We live in a fast-changing society, and anyone who can handle this world in a relaxed and focused way will master it – on the server or in real life.”

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