Live in the Ticker: Angelique Kerber vs. Alizé Cornet in the Quarterfinals of the Bad Homburg Lawn Tournament in the Live Ticker

Angelique Kerber is still chasing her second tournament victory of the 2022 season in Bad Homburg.

After the successes against Anastasia Gasanova from Russia and yesterday against the Italian Lucia Bronzetti, the biggest challenge of the day with Alizé Corent awaits.

The 32-year-old Frenchman from Nice is number 44 in the world and has won six tournaments in his career so far, most recently in Lausanne in 2018.

WTA Bad Homburg

Lisicki fails and still takes a huge leap on the world rankings


About a week before the start of Wimbledon, an important additional placement destination for Kerber, which is the only German set for the classic lawn in London.
The WTA tournament in Bad Homburg live on TV and in livestream

LIVETICKER Quarterfinals: Kerber – Cornet


Kerber-Cornet 4: 6, 5: 2

Cornet error rate increases from minute to minute. The 32-year-old no longer has precision in his shots. The two-handed backhand sails out, bringing Kerber another break and the 5: 2 lead.

Kerber-Cornet 4: 6, 4: 2

It’s a heated match. It does not get cooler, the thermometer in Bad Homburg shows 32 degrees. Kerber is having a hard time and has to defend against two breakballs at 3: 2. It succeeds, because Cornet throws in a whole series of simple mistakes. It gave the Germans a 4-2 lead.

Kerber – Cornet 4: 6, 3: 1

Kerber’s servers are not ideal, to say the least. The 32-year-old sometimes served at just over 140 km / h, but brought the match through to 3-1. Very important for the defending champion.

Kerber – Cornet 4: 6, 2: 1

Kerber gets the chance to break and puts Cornet under pressure. And the Frenchman must over second serve, so the small forehand error. The ball sails past the baseline. Break for Kerber, who leads 2-1.

Kerber – Kornet 4: 6, 1: 1

Kerber stays inside and holds the match 1-1. But: Cornet plays very uncomfortably, so the triple Grand Slam tournament winner from Germany has to take a lot of risks to score the points.

Kerber – Cornet 4: 6, 0: 1

Cornet makes his second double fault and lets Kerber sniff the breakball on the serve. After a great competition, the 32-year-old managed a nice volley stop on the net, which gave her the 1-0 victory. All in all, a very good showing of Cornet so far.

Excellent volley – Cornet outscores Kerber in the quarterfinals

Kerber-Cornet 4: 6

The class played for Cornet, Winner and three set balls for world number 44. And the French use the first after Kerber fails on the net. 6: 4 to Cornet after 45 minutes of play.

Kerber-Cornet 4: 5

It goes back and forth. Kerber annoys Cornet with good returns and has two chances for a rebreak at 40:15. The 34-year-old gets his foot back in the door in the first sentence. Yes! Grain with the bug, Break for Kerber. The 2018 Wimbledon champion can now equalize on his own serve.

Kerber-Cornet 3: 5

puha 0:40 from Kerber’s point of view. Three break chances for Cornet, but they do not strike in the first place. Kerber benefits from some mistakes made by the French and good shots in the bowls. But then the woman from Kiel misses the backhand long line – and we have the break for Cornet to 5: 3.

Kerber-Cornet 3: 4

Progress is reversed. Cornet not at all annoyed by the deficit. The 32-year-old managed the rope reaction and made the match 4: 3. Critical situation for Kerber, who is now under pressure when it comes to service.

Kerber-Cornet 3: 2

Strong from Kerber! The Kieler gets the first two breakballs – and strikes immediately. The return is excellent, Cornet has to give up the rally. 3: 2 to the triple winner of the Grand Slam tournament.

Kerber-Cornet 2: 2

From the inside out to perfection. Great point from Kerber, who now has to bite and go over the debut. Cornet is looking for the way to the net, with the overhead volley getting number 44 in the world the first break chance of the match. Kerber keeps her head cool, with hard blows from baseline she finds the key – 2: 2.

Kerber-Cornet 1: 2

That was fast. Cornet whips through his second game. Good servings, pressure in the basics – looks good what the French offer here.

Kerber – Kornet 1: 1

Number 18 in the world also fulfills the “duty” in the first service game. Kerber without problems to equalize. But first impressions suggest it will be a close duel.

Kerber 0-1 Cornet

Kerber comes in well on the return and can score from baseline. Cornet must make his debut in the first game. Nevertheless, the Frenchman comes through the first match and takes the lead in front of the 3500 spectators.

Kerber 0-0 Cornet

Center Court is sold out! Cornet opens the quarterfinals with its own serve, and Kerber must do so first with the return.


It starts in a few minutes. Kerber will take the next step toward defending its title against Cornet. The Kieler and the French are already there and warming up. Although “warm” is not the correct term for temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius.

INFO: Kerber front in a direct comparison

Angelique Kerber and Alizé Cornet have so far fought six duels on the WTA Tour, most recently in Rome in 2021. At 4: 2, the record clearly speaks for the former Wimbledon champion, who was also able to win the only meeting so far on grass : in 2014 in Eastbourne she won 7: 5, 1: 6, 7: 6 – it was that to this day only three sets match between the two players against each other.

Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the quarterfinal day in Bad Homburg! Today it will be decided which four players are left in the race for the title – from a German perspective, Sabine Lisicki and Angelque Kerber are still in the race. Both face French opponents today. All results and the current scores – also of the other running tournaments – can be found here in an updated overview!
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WTA Bad Homburg

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WTA Bad Homburg

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