Interview with Marco Wolter on positive reactions to the ‘Fitmach campaign’

Marco Wolter, studio operator of Fitness Loft Saarbrücken, also saw the need to get people back on track after the closures of his studio. Therefore, he and the participants welcome Saarland’s “Fitmach campaign” and welcome the positive effects.

fM: Hr. Wolter, with Fitness Loft Saarbrücken you were one of the first studios in Saarland to take part in the “Fitmach campaign: fit & healthy in the Saarland”. What convinced you about the model project?

Marco Wolters: I was thrilled that the Ministry of Health, DHfPG, PuGiS e. V. and the Saarland health insurance companies are behind the campaign with great commitment and a very clear commitment to fitness and health training. We are still not perceived by many as the health and fitness experts that we are.

Such a model project is, of course, an invaluable help in reaching out to these people in the first place and convincing them of the benefits of our offer.

How did you experience the physical and mental condition of your interns after the reopening?

To put it simply: catastrophic. I have been a trainer for 30 years now and I know exactly what effect targeted exercise can have on health and performance and I know the effects of physical inactivity.

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But to experience the negative consequences of such a long break in training for hundreds of people in one fell swoop was absolutely awful. We also have many older members, for whom education is practically the basic requirement for maintaining their independence in everyday life.

Quite a few of them lost so much that they could no longer train with us because they were no longer physically able to go into the studio after the lockdown. Six months later, people who had previously done push-ups and squats and attended classes were moving into retirement homes.

Having to witness this made me very sad and angry. But even for members with less obvious physical deficiencies, the measurements were sober. Our diagnostic system, which measures body fat, strength and agility, among other things, has registered deterioration of the biological age by up to ten years – especially in young people!

What was the response of the population to your participation in the “Fitmach campaign”? Are the subjects already registered, or are some of them already in training?

We were able to recruit 35 participants for the study in the first week, which is a really excellent result for a study of our size! Of course, something like this always takes a little time to complete, which is why only about ten people have started the study at the moment.

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But we are absolutely satisfied, also because we managed to reach all training levels: from beginners to repeaters; old and young, etc.

What benefits can your study get from participating in the model project?

In addition to the image gain that we hope for the entire industry and the resulting positive effects, we hope that as many survey participants as possible will sign up for a membership with us after the eight weeks. Of course, we can not express that in numbers yet.

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But I think the hope is justified that the test subjects not only want to “dust off” the free exercise, but are grateful for the opportunity to start physical activity and also want to invest in their health in the long run.

To what extent do you think the model project can motivate people to engage in more physical exercise and exercise?

We know how extreme the growing lack of exercise and training is in relation to the development or worsening of obesity, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Reversing this trend is not a sprint, but a marathon, and of course, a study is far from enough.

But even though the “fitness campaign” is only a small step, I am convinced that it is the right step at the right time in the right direction.

Feedback on the “fitness campaign”

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