Football legend resigns: Gronkowski is gone – at least until Brady calls

Football legend resigns
Gronkowski is gone – at least until Brady calls

Rob Gronkowski is a great player and a great guy: The football pro has won the Super Bowl three times and fans love him for his special style. Now superstar Tom Brady’s favorite pass receiver is leaving the NFL for the second time. Until the phone rings …

NFL star Rob Gronkowski has retired for the second time and is unlikely to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season despite the return of friend and short-term retiree Tom Brady. The four-time Super Bowl winner announced the decision via Instagram. Until recently, the 33-year-old left his future open. “Retired from going back to football and winning another championship and now back to chilling thanks to everyone,” wrote Gronk, who retired for the first time after three titles with the New England Patriots three years ago had explained.

When quarterback Brady joined the Buccaneers, Gronkowski made a comeback and played professional football for two more years. In the first season, the Bucs won the Super Bowl, Gronkowski’s fourth title. Brady initially declared his career over after last season, but retired 40 days later. He will continue to play for Tampa. But now without his favorite tight-end, who had a total of 107 touchdowns in his career.

Gronk, every NFL player’s dream

Superstar Brady sent big words to his friend in retirement: “Teammate, friend, brother – those are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of @gronk,” Brady wrote in an Instagram post. “No one has ever embodied the idea of ​​’letting it all go’, as Rob has done throughout his career. With every snap, I knew he would find his place, no matter how many people were put in front of him.” Brady personally made sure Gronkowski took the step back to the NFL in 2020.

“More important is the person he was off the field. Focused when he needed it and FUN the rest of the time. Having Gronk in the locker room was every NFL player’s dream,” Brady wrote. He was “proud of everything we’ve accomplished together, and I’m even more excited about everything you have in front of you. Congratulations Gronk, you deserve it.”

You never go that far

Gronkowski joined the New England Patriots in the NFL in 2011, where Brady had been active since 2000, and the first three of his seven Super Bowl triumphs to date were a long time ago. Brady and Gronkowski developed a close bond, both on and off the field. “Brady is my quarterback. I’m not going anywhere without Brady,” Gronkowski once shouted to those in charge of the New England Patriots as they wanted to get rid of the tight end.

The influence of “The Goat”, the greatest player of all time, quarterback Brady is considered to be, on Gronkowski’s career can hardly be overestimated. Over the years together in the most glamorous league in the world, both rose to become a legendary axis. No tight-end caught more touchdowns in the playoffs than Gronkowski (15), his 18 touchdowns in 2011 being the best ever for any other tight-end of the regular season. In 2021, in the last joint triumph so far, Brady found his favorite pass receiver in the Super Bowl twice for a touchdown. Now the legendary Brady-Gronkowski team is back in the league – at least for now.

If Gronkowski’s agent has his will, the second goodbye does not have to be eternal either. “It would not surprise me if Tom Brady calls him to come back during the season and Rob follows the call,” Drew Rosenhaus told ESPN. “It’s just my opinion, but I would not be surprised if Rob comes back during the season or next season.”

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