American football in Neubrandenburg: Tollense sharks are hot and snappy

Now it was finally going to start, they had to wait long enough. In any case, the football players from Tollense Sharks are hot as frying pan fat for their first league game in an awful long time.

In the summer of 2019, “Haie” once went to the diving station, to the surprise of many, they suddenly withdrew from the Regionalliga Nord. A squad that was too small and numerous injuries forced the Neubrandenburg team to withdraw, but that should not be the case forever. But not one that should last almost three years – at least if you look at the competition game statistics.

However, the Sharks are far from alone in blaming this, a virus called Corona has slowed down a number of sports clubs and their dreams in recent years. Also saw the start of Neubrandenburg footballers a few leagues lower, in the league. Apart from a few test games, there was simply no more to it. But now, in the third year after the last competitive touchdown, things should be going well again.

A total of six teams play in the Verbandsligaen Ost

Along with five other teams in the Verbandsliga Ost, three teams from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, three from the state of Brandenburg. And in a special state. In this, all three MV representatives compete against each other in return matches, in addition, a team from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern meets one from Brandenburg, also with return matches.

In addition to Neubrandenburg, Mecklenburg Bulls from Schwerin and Vorpommern Vandals from Greifswald are representatives from MV, Beelitz Blue Eagles, Frankfurt Red Cocks and Lauchhammer Miners are the teams from Brandenburg. The latter, ie Lauchhammer Miners, will be the first opponent of the Verbandsligaen next Saturday from 3 pm and thus also the Brandenburg opponent of the Tollense Sharks.

“We are all excited that it is finally starting,” said Tollense coach Daniel Barsch. His team fell into a small hole a few weeks ago, when the actual start of the season against Vorpommern Vandals had to be canceled at short notice (says Nordkurier). “You could feel that the boys seemed a little tired during training after the match was canceled,” the coach said in retrospect, “everyone will finally play”.

And that’s exactly the most important thing Daniel Barsch is committed to. “We are not thinking too much about a possible promotion or any championship title. The most important thing for us is that we can finally measure ourselves against other teams again.” Neither more nor less.

Short-term move to Datzeberg

There are almost 30 “Haie” in Neubrandenburg’s football squad, and the average age is around 30, says Barsch. Nearly half of them already have plenty of regional league experience under their belt, but for some, league activities are new territory.

Of course, those in charge of the Sharks are always looking for interested people who could imagine whizzing across the field in hay equipment at some point. “I would also like to see people from the younger generation,” says Daniel Barsch, who wants to rejuvenate his squad in the long run.

But now the focus is on the league start on Saturday against Lauchhammer Miners, which was originally to be played in Jahnstadion. But when a pitching meeting took place there on Wednesday afternoon, the footballers have to move to Datzeberg (the sports field on Otto-Reinhardt-Weg) at short notice. “Since we always train there anyway, it really is not a big change for us,” says Daniel Bartsch.

The Lauchhammer miners, whom the Neubrandenburgs have never played before, come to the four-port city as big unknowns. Last year, however, Barsch had the opportunity to take a closer look at the opponent twice. “It’s a team that has not existed for very long. They have a colorful mix of experienced players and newcomers.” For Barsch and his team, the only thing that counts anyway is that they finally return to the field.

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