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The men from the newly promoted TSG Lahr / Emmendingen and the women from TC BW Oberweier start in the Baden Tennis League.

. On Saturday, the tennis players from TSG Lahr / Emmendingen start their Badenliga at TC RW Tiengen (11 am). One thing is clear for the promotions: It’s about getting up in the league as soon as possible. The players from TC BW Oberweier also face an interesting constellation that starts the round with a double match day at TC BW Villingen (Saturday at 11 am) and against TC BW 64 Leimen (Sunday at 11 am).

TSG Lahr Emmendingen

The TSG men pursue the goal of staying as far away from the relegation ranks as possible. The game is played in a new format: The preliminary round consists of two groups of five teams, with the first two teams in each case reaching the promotion round. The rest will find themselves in the relegation round. “The condition is not easy to see through,” said TSG coach Hernan Valenzuela. Already the initial round promises high demands. “Pforzheim II is strong, they put a lot of effort into keeping the distance to the first team small. We know Tiengen from our time in the Oberliga, they are also strong. We think we have slightly better chances against Karlsruhe and Markdorf,” as Valenzuela .

A well-known name is sorely missed in the TSG squad. “Luca-Leon Mack is not available to us, he stayed in the United States,” Valenzuela said. “It’s definitely a loss, we start the season a little weaker, even in doubles,” said the coach. He is dependent on a well-trained team, where Mark Trenkle, for example, recently showed progress. French Nathan Seateun, Matthieu Bolot and Florian Simbozel are available as foreign players.

The composition of TSG depends on several factors. “Basically, we would like to play with two foreign players. It always depends on whether and what other obligations the players currently have. From the club’s point of view, as usual, we also weigh financially when it makes sense to use a foreign player,” says Valenzuela. “It remains to be seen how much it is possible to stay up in the league. In any case, the team is very motivated to reach the goal. And the expectation for the higher division is there,” said Valenzuela.

Team: 1. Nathan Seateun; 2. Matthieu Bolot; 3. Florian Simbozel; 4.Miguel Valenzuela; 5. Adrian Sexauer; 6. Stefan Kiesenhofer; 7. Mark Trenkle; 8. Simon Shepherd; 9. Daniel Bender.

TC BW Oberweier
From the Oberweier women’s point of view, the Badenliga season will be completed over three weekends. According to head coach Oliver Killeweit, the past few weeks and months have been “one of the most complicated preparation phases of recent years”. The list of squads nominally includes many players, but from Oberweier’s point of view, it’s a puzzle about who should play when. There are various reasons for this: Yuliana Lizarazao (Colombia) recently received an offer to play for her national team. Julia Rauer and Melissa Kromer travel internationally on a business basis and are heavily involved. Julia von Samson has lived in London for years, Melisa Ercan (Turkey) is fighting her way back up the world rankings for youngsters after a long-term injury through tournaments.

“The starting position is interesting, we have to really fight to stay up,” Killeweit makes no secret of. The team changes from match to match, with two foreign players and Brigitte Manceau forming the basis. “If we manage to do that, it would still be difficult. But matches, especially in the women’s area, must always be played first,” says Killeweit. Two wins may be enough to stay up in the league as the last two placed teams relegate. “It’s going to be a close race, the goal is a must and then if possible another success. The starting position can always change, even at short notice, and that’s what makes this season so exciting,” said Killeweit.

Oberweier starts on Saturday (11.00) in Villingen, before Leimen on Palmengasse on Sunday (11.00). “They are both strong teams. We want to get the best out of the situation,” Killeweit said. The coach adds: “If we move down, nothing will fall apart here. We have a lot of talented players behind us who can knock on the squad’s door in two or three years.”

Team: 1. Yuliana Lizarazao; 2. Gaia Squarcialupi; 3. Brigitte Manceau; 4. Melisa Ercan; 5. Viktoria Malova; 6. Julia Rauer; 7. Melissa Kromer; 8. Julie of Samson; 9. Stefanie Killeweit; 10. Anna-Lena Singler; 11. Katia Vieira Erbach; 12.Evelyn Steinbach.

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