Why Sainz collided with Perez!


Sainz explains: That was why the accident happened

This is how the accident at the end of Q3 went from Carlos Sainz’s point of view: “Perez crashed in front of me. I was on my fast lap. I only saw the yellow flag in turn 8, braked and could not get past. Him.”

Without the crash and with a free throw in the end, it could have been enough for the front, Sainz says. He says: “I think the pace was good and I felt good in the car.” As it is, it’s P2 online behind Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc.

Ralf Schumacher also agrees with Sainz in the analysis of ‘Sky’. His impression: The yellow flags may have appeared too late after the Perez departure, Sainz was not warned in time.


Accident in qualifying, session ends under red!

An accident ends the Formula 1 qualifier in Monaco: Red Bulls Sergio Perez got off in the porter basket before the tunnel and Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari crashed into him. One thing is for sure: Charles Leclerc in the other Ferrari is in pole position in his home race.


After the first attempt in Q3: Leclerc leads!

Charles Leclerc has lived up to his role as a favorite so far: In the first attempt in Q3, he achieved 1: 11,376 minutes, the best time so far this weekend. Thus, he leads before the final attempts in qualifying in Monaco.

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Q2: Vettel enters the top 10

Sebastian Vettel is in the top 10 in the Monaco qualifiers with his Aston Martin AMR22. Vettel qualified for the final segment of P8 in Q2. The best time of 1: 11.864 minutes went to Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari F1-75.

On the other hand, Mick Schumacher in Haas VF-22 is no longer there after P15 in Q2. Current information about the further course of the qualification can be found in the session’s live ticker!


Accident in Ferrari

Charles Leclerc was called to the FIA ​​weight in Q2, but drove right past it in the pitlane. Luckily for him, Ferrari responded well: Leclerc was asked to park the car so the mechanics could drive him back to the weight. So he should have escaped punishment.


Perez is fast – and improvises

Sergio Perez is also fast in Q2, but also forced to improvise: At the Tabac corner, he just fishes a piece of plastic from his car’s halo, then he drives on.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton complained about the temperature on his rear tire.

There are six minutes left of Q2.

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Q1: The German riders are one lap ahead!

Both Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher survived Q1 and are still in Formula 1 qualifying in Monaco. However, the late red phase threw a key in motion for some drivers, including Pierre Gasly in AlphaTauri.

The best time in Q1 went to Charles Leclerc in Ferrari with 1: 12.569 minutes. 15 cars were within just a second. More about this in the session’s live ticker!


Red flag in qualifying Q1!

The Formula 1 qualifier in Monaco has been red flagged with 2:25 minutes to the end of the first segment, Q1.

The trigger was probably Yuki Tsunoda in AlphaTauri after contact with the crash barrier, including a puncture in the front left.

Qualification resumes at 16.20. Experience the final phase of Q1 in the live ticker of the session!


Helmut Marko: Why Verstappen is not in front

Helmut Marko has just explained to ‘Sky’ why Max Verstappen has so far lagged behind Sergio Perez in Monaco: “With Max we had a relatively stable front end in the first training session. Unfortunately we lost with the changes we made. But we think , We’re going in that direction now, because it’s really important if you did not trust the car in the first turn, the lap pulls out. “

In this situation, Verstappen “does not have the feeling that he can really brake at the last minute,” Marko continues. “And if he does not have that confidence, then it happens that he partially drives over the car, then there is understeer, a little bit of oversteer. It is not so smooth, and Sergio currently comes with roughly the same set- cope better . “

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Nico Rosberg: “Pole position is half the victory”

“Pole position is half the victory here, and that’s why it’s so important,” says ex-champion Nico Rosberg on ‘Sky’. “They want to go to the limit because every hundredth counts. It’s incredibly tight up there [mit Ferrari und Red Bull]. It will be fantastic.”

Above all, Sergio Perez has spotted him so far. Rosberg: “Perez is fine, is in the flow, has this confidence. And you can see that. Verstappen is four tenths away. It would be a surprise if he took pole position!”


Penalties before qualification

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was too fast in the pitlane in the third free training session, with 1.7 km / h, ie with 61.7 km / h. Price: 200 euros.

His teammate Lance Stroll had just been stopped by Carlos Sainz in Ferrari (just like Vettel himself later in the unit, who reacted loudly on the radio and also gestured towards Sainz). The sports commissioners therefore issued a warning in the direction of Sainz.

Although Ferrari informed its driver “completely wrong” via radio, Sainz then stopped “almost” on the track, which was classified as “unacceptable”.

This is already Stroll’s third warning of the 2022 season. Five warnings automatically result in a lattice penalty. Download the current overview of penalty points here!


An ice bath to prepare

How to cool down in Monaco in between? Ferrari shows that by using Charles Leclerc as an example: He just climbs into the ice bath …


Half an hour to qualify

One of the most important qualifying sessions of the year in Formula 1 starts at 4 pm in Monaco. But: Statistically speaking, Monaco’s pole position is not the most valuable. In Barcelona, ​​pole position has led to even more winners than first place online in Monaco. Nevertheless, the same is true in Monaco: the one who is (completely) ahead has very good cards.

After the previous training sessions, Ferrari and Red Bull go into the qualification as favorites, with advantages for Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez, respectively. They have done better than teammates Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen so far this weekend. Will this continue?



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