Where did Perez’s accident happen!


Perez: I wanted to hit the gas early and then …

Sergio Perez explains how his accident in the porter basket before the entrance to the tunnel in Monaco happened:

“Turn 8 was pretty hard for me in qualifying, so I tried to anticipate and hit the throttle early. But when I got on the throttle, I didn’t feel any grip on the rear tires. I felt a little bit with it playing until I lost it.”

He was “surprised that Carlos [Sainz] hit me, “Perez continued. But he does not blame the Ferrari driver.” It’s Monaco, “says Perez. He only regrets that he had not had another chance for a quick lap.” I think we would have had more pace. “says Perez.


The car “looks bad,” Perez says

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez fears for his place on the net for the Monaco Grand Prix because his car was badly damaged in the incident in Q3.

O-Ton Perez: “It certainly looks pretty bad on the back and what made it worse was Carlos’ goal [Sainz]. The car is quite damaged, but we’ll see. ”At this point, he assumes it will be“ okay ”on Sunday.

He himself is “nice”, Perez assures.


Sainz in detail: I still braked, but …

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has just commented in more detail on the scene in the entrance curve to the tunnel. Here is his opinion:

“I came out of a blind corner. You go through turn 7, flat out, and then I saw a yellow flag on the left. I knew right away that the car in front of me crashed, but you can not see where it crashed “You’re driving around and you do not know where he’s going to be.”

He “simply braked and tried to drive the curve radius as tight as possible,” Sainz explains. “But just as I was about to get past him, I hit the brake a little harder and hit his rear end with my rear end. If I had saved it, it would have been a pretty bold rescue, because I actually did not have time. do it intercept. “

His conclusion: “Such a thing happens in Monaco.”


Qualifying image highlights

The first pictures of the Formula 1 qualification in Monaco are pouring into the picture gallery, and we are constantly uploading new motifs. So it’s best to take a look right now: The first jubilant photos of Charles Leclerc in Parc ferme are already here …

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022


Leclerc scene on the scales: punishment?

Red Bulls sporting director Helmut Marko states in his TV interviews that there may be a penalty for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc because he initially drove past the FIA ​​weight.

Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies sees it very differently and explains on the question ‘Sky’: “Charles stopped 15, 20 meters later. We talked to the FIA. Then they said: Just push the car back. There’s no problem.”

In other words: Ferrari has corrected Leclerc’s mistake by acting fast – without first getting into trouble with the car. So there will be no punishment.


Ferrari: Damage to the Sainz car is still unclear

Ferrari sporting director Laurent Mekies can not yet estimate how much of Carlos Sainz’s vehicle broke down in the accident with Sergio Perez at the end of qualifying.

On ‘Sky’ he said: “We have to see that. First of all it was important to us that Carlos is okay. It could have been different. We want to take a look at what happens to the car in a moment.”


Sainz explains: That was why the accident happened

This is how the accident at the end of Q3 went from Carlos Sainz’s point of view: “Perez crashed in front of me. I was on my fast lap. I only saw the yellow flag in turn 8, braked and could not get past. Him.”

Without the crash and with a free throw in the end, it could have been enough for the front, Sainz says. He says: “I think the pace was good and I felt good in the car.” As it is, it’s P2 online behind Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc.

Ralf Schumacher also agrees with Sainz in the analysis of ‘Sky’. His impression: The yellow flags may have appeared too late after the Perez departure, Sainz was not warned in time.


Why Sainz collided with Verstappen

In an initial reaction on the radio, Carlos Sainz explained how he saw the crash with Sergio Perez: “I saw the yellow flags too late.”

First, Perez flew off in the porter basket and hit the back left. Shortly afterwards, Sainz also turned away at the same place and hit the right front wheel on Perez’s standing Red Bull Stage will be a topic in the YouTube livestream with Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren from 20.00 – with a guarantee that the two will start at the Champions League final is finished their show!

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